Ten Nights of Dreams - Section 001 Study Guide

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Rough translation

1st Night

This is what I saw in my dream.

As I sat at her bedside with my arms folded in front of me, the woman, who was lying on her back, told me in a quiet voice that she was going to die. Her long hair was spread out over her pillow, with her delicately contoured oval face resting in the middle. The depths of her white cheeks were flushed with the proper degree of warm color, and the color of her lips was naturally red. She didn't appear to be dying. However, she said clearly in her quiet voice that she would die. I thought too, then, that she might indeed die. So I asked, looking down on her from above, if it were true then that she was going to die. Affirming that she was going to die, she opened her eyes wide. Her large moist eyes, surrounded by long lashes, were of the purest black. Within the pure black of her pupils, my own reflection floated with vivid clarity.

As I gazed through to the depths of her lustrous black eyes, I wondered again if she were really going to die. So I carefully drew my mouth near to her pillow and asked again if she wouldn't live, if she wouldn't be all right. She responded in a quiet voice, with her dark eyes wide open but tired, that she would die, that she must die.

I asked in earnest if she could see my face. She smiled at me and replied that, yes, couldn't I see myself reflected in her eyes? I quietly drew away from her pillow. As I folded my arms again, I wondered if she really must die.


第一だいいち 1st night ゆめ dreamた saw; had (a dream) 腕組うでぐみをして fold one's arms in front of one枕元まくらもと by (someone's) pillow; by (someone's) bedsideすわって sit; be seated仰向あおむき looking up; (resting) on one's backた be resting; be lying downおんな womanしずかな quiet; soft (voice)こえ voiceにます die; pass awayう saidながい longかみ hairまくら pillowいて spread輪郭りんかく outline; contourやわらかな soft; tender瓜実うりざねがお oval faceなか middle; midstよこたえて lay down (on)真白まっしろな pure whiteほお cheeksそこ depthsあたたかい warm bloodいろ colorほどよく moderately; to just the proper degreeして tinge; flush (with color)くちびる lips無論むろん (as a matter) of courseあかい redえない didn't appear (to be ...)判然はっきり clearly自分じぶん oneself; Iたしかに assuredly; without doubtうえ aboveのぞむ look into (someone's face)いて ask; inquireぱっちりと widely; brightly eyesけた openedおおきな largeうるおい moisture; dampnessまつげ eyelashes; lashesつつまれた be wrapped (in)一面いちめん all over (a single surface)真黒まっくろ pitch blackひとみ pupilsおく interior; depths姿すがた shape; formあざやかに clearly; distinctlyかんで float; be reflected 自分じぶん oneself; Iとおる be transparentふかく deepえる appear黒眼くろめ black eyes; ebony eyes色沢つや gloss; lusterながめて gaze (at)ぬ die; pass awayおもった wonderedねんごろに carefullyまくら pillowそば side; proximityくち mouthけて brought near (to); positioned大丈夫だいじょうぶ safe; secure; all rightかえした asked againおんな womanくろい black; ebony eyesねむそうに in a weary mannerみはった opened wide (eyes)しずかな quiet; soft (voice)こえ voice仕方しかたがない can't be avoidedった said わたしの myかお faceえる be visible一心いっしんに intently; earnestlyく ask; inquireうつって be reflectedにこりとわらって smile gently; break into a smile自分じぶん oneself; Iだまって remain silentまくら pillowはなした separated from; withdrew腕組うでぐみをしながら folding one's arms in front of oneぬ die; pass awayおもった wondered