Peculiar Sounds - Section 007 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana












Rough translation

"Be that as it may, what was that sound from your side?"

"That sound from our side?"

"Yes. There was often this sound, like someone grating daikon, was there not?"

"Ah, that. That was cucumber. The patient complained of a burning sensation in his legs. He asked me to soothe them with cucumber juice, so I was often in there with cucumber and grater."

"So I wasn't entirely wrong, imagining the grating of daikon."


"It all fits now. -- Tell me, what was the patient's affliction?"

"Rectal cancer."

"Then his prospects were not at all good."

"I'm afraid not. He was taken back home, but he passed away shortly thereafter."

I returned silently to my own room. In my mind, I thought through the contrast between one man, now deceased, who'd vexed his neighbor with the sound of grated cucumber, and another man, now convalesced, who'd made his neighbor envious with the sound of his leather strop.


い good; fine御前おまえ youほう sideおと sound; noiseなん what 大根だいこ daikon (usually 大根だいこん)みょうな odd; curious; mysterious 胡瓜きゅうり cucumberった scraped; ground患者かんじゃさん patientあし feet; legsほてって feel hot; flush; burn仕方しかたがない be unbearableつゆ juiceひやして cool; sootheわたし I; me始終しじゅう often; frequentlyげました do (something) for (someone) わかった understand病気びょうき illness; malady 直腸癌ちょくちょうがん rectal cancer 退院たいいんなさる leave the hospital; be dischargedじき soon; before long; shortly御亡おなくなりになった passed away 自分じぶん I; me黙然もくねんとして silentlyわがへや one's own roomかえった returned (to)他人ひと another person; a strangerらして pique; vexんだ died; perished; passed awayおとこ man; fellow革砥かわど leather stropうらやましがらせて make enviousくなった recovered; convalescedひと person; man; individual相違そうい differenceこころなかで in one's mindおもくらべた compared; contrasted