Kokoro (Sensei's Testament - Part 41b) Section 190 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana






Rough translation

Given this shared history between us, the words, "Those not seeking betterment of the spirit are nothing but simpletons," were no doubt a slap in K's face. As I've stated before, though, it was not my intent to tear down that which he'd worked so hard to build up. On the contrary, I wanted to see him to build it higher. Whether this led him to "the way," or whether it led him to nirvana did not concern me. I simply feared any abrupt swing in his worldview that would bring his interests into conflict with mine. In short, my words were purely self-serving.

"Those not seeking betterment of the spirit are nothing but simpletons."

I repeated these same words again, then watched to see their effect.

"A simpleton," he finally answered. "That's all that I am."

K came to a stop where he was. His eyes were cast downward. A chill ran through me. I feared I'd pushed him too far and braced myself for a backlash. However, I'd also noted the lack of any vitality in his voice. I wanted to read his eyes, but he didn't turn to face me. He slowly resumed walking.


過去かこ past; history二人ふたり two (people); the two of usあいだに between ...とおけてて come through; carry across精神的せいしんてきに mentally; spiritually向上心こうじょうしん desire for improvement; aspiration馬鹿ばか fool; simpleton言葉ことば wordsって to ...; for ...いたい painful; stingingちがいなかった there was no doubt that ...まえ before; priorとおり just asわたくし I; me一言いちごん few wordsかれ he; him折角せっかく with trouble; at great painsげた built up; constructed蹴散けちらした kicked about; scatteredいま now; the presentかさねてかせよう push to continue developingみち way; pathたっしよう reach; arrive atてん heaven; state of bliss; nirvanaとどこう reach; arrive atかまいません be unconcerned; not careきゅうに suddenly; abruptly生活せいかつ life; living方向ほうこう direction; orientation転換てんかんして divert; redirect利害りがい interest; concerns衝突しょうとつする conflict with; run counter toおそれた feared; was afraid ofようするに in shortたんなる simply; merely利己心りこしん egoism; selfishness発現はつげん expression; manifestation 二度にど two times; twiceおなじ the sameかえしました repeatedうえに relative to; with respect to影響えいきょうする affect; influence見詰みつめていました observed; was watching こたえました answered; repliedぼく I; me まった stopped; haltedうごきません not move; become immobile地面じめん groundおもわず reflexively; instinctivelyぎょっとしました was seized with fear; felt a chill刹那せつな moment; instant居直いなお強盗ごうとう thief who threatens violence when discoveredかんぜられた came across; struck one (as)こえ voiceちから force; vigorとぼしい lacking; wanting; deficientこと fact; state of affairsきました took notice of; noted眼遣めづかい look (in one's eyes)参考さんこう point of reference最後さいご the end; the lastかお face徐々そろそろと slowly; quietlyまたあるしました resumed walking