Kokoro (My Parents and I - Part 13b) Section 098 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana







Rough translation

"Saku-san, thank you for coming. I wish I had your good health. I'm afraid I'm nearing my end."

"You're doing alright. With two university graduates in the family, a little illness is nothing to complain of. Look at me. I've lost my wife and I have no children. I'm merely soldiering on. What does my health get me?"

It was several days after Saku's visit that Father was given the enema. The doctors, he said, had done a wonder on him. His mood was greatly improved, and his outlook a little less morbid. My mother, either affected by his spirits or simply hoping to encourage him further, spoke of Sensei's telegram. She talked as though a position in Tōkyō, just as he'd wished for me, had indeed been secured. I was sitting close by, beginning to feel uneasy, but I couldn't interrupt my mother. I listened in silence. Father's face was beaming.

"That's wonderful," my sister's husband added.

"Do you know what kind of work it is?" my brother asked.

By this time, I lacked the courage to challenge their misconceptions. I gave them a vague answer and rose from my seat.


さく Saku (name)て come; call; visit丈夫じょうぶ healthy; robustうらやましい enviousおれ I; me駄目だめ no good; finished そんなことはない that's not true; that's not the caseまえ you子供こども children二人ふたりとも both (of them)大学だいがく university卒業そつぎょうする graduate fromすこし a little; a bit病気びょうき illness; maladyもうぶんはない nothing to complain ofらん take a look atかかあ wifeなれる lose (to death)きている be alive達者たっしゃ healthy; wellなんの (no) sort ofたのしみ happiness; satisfaction 浣腸かんちょう enema三日さんにち two or three days; several daysちち father医者いしゃ doctorかげで thanks to; owing to大変たいへん terribly; a great dealらくになった was at ease; felt betterよろこんだ was in good spirits; was pleased自分じぶんの one's own寿命じゅみょう life span; the number of one's daysたいする in relation to; concerning度胸どきょう courageふう mood; manner機嫌きげん outlook; temperamentなおった recovered; improvedそば vicinity; proximityはは motherまれた pulled in; affected (by)病人びょうにん patient; invalid気力きりょくける encourage; lift up (someone's spirits)先生せんせい Sensei (elder one; teacher - used here as form of address)電報でんぽう telegramわたくし I; me位置いち position; post希望きぼうする hope for; wish forとおり just as ...東京とうきょう Tōkyōはなした spokeむずがゆい uncomfortable; uneasy心持こころもち feeling言葉ことば wordsさえぎる interrupt; disruptわけにもゆかない one couldn't ...だまって in silenceいて listenうれしそうな happy; glad; pleasedかお (facial) expression; look 結構けっこう fine; splendidいもと younger sister (usually いもうと)おっと husband くち opening; positionわからない don't knowあに older brother; elder brother 今更いまさら at this point否定ひていする repudiate; refute勇気ゆうき courage; nerveうしなった lost; lacked曖昧あいまいな vague; noncommittal返事へんじ answer; replyせきった rose from one's seat; got up (to leave)