Kokoro (My Parents and I - Part 06b) Section 084 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"What about that man you call Sensei? If ever he's going to help you, then isn't this the time?"

This was the extent of Mother's understanding of Sensei. The same Sensei who, on my return home to the country, had urged me to receive my share of the family wealth while Father still lived. Brokering a position for me on my graduation was hardly within his purview.

"What was it that he does?" Father asked.

"He has no occupation," I answered.

I'd told my parents from the start that Sensei was not employed. My father, I expect, had not forgotten.

"How can he not be employed? He must do something to have earned your admiration so."

Father was goading me. The way he saw things, any man of worth should have established himself in the world in a position of respect. A man of leisure, it thus followed, could be nothing but a wastrel.

"I don't earn a paycheck myself, but I try to at least keep busy," Father continued.

I held my tongue.

"If he's the distinguished gentleman you describe him as, then certainly he can find you something. Have you tried asking him?"

"I haven't," I answered.

"You won't know if you don't try. Why not ask him? Write to him at least."


I returned a reluctant response and rose from my seat.


まえ you先生せんせい elder one; teacherかた person; gentlemanねがいしたら requestい good; fine; advisableとき time; occasion はは motherほかに other than; besides先生せんせい Sensei (elder one; teacher - used here as form of address)解釈かいしゃくする understand; comprehendことができなかった was unable to ...わたくし I; meくに country; one's native placeかえったら return (to)ちち fatherきている be living; be aliveはやく soon; without delay財産ざいさん assets; propertyけてもらえ have divide; have divvy upすすめる recommend; adviseひと person; man卒業そつぎょうした graduated地位ちい (social) position周旋しゅうせん mediation; brokering なに whatちち fatherいた asked なんにも nothingこたえた answered とくのむかし some time ago; a good while agoげた told; informed記憶きおくして remember わけ situation; circumstances尊敬そんけいする look up to; admire; respect ふうした needled; goadedかんがえ thought; idea; way of thinkingやくつ be of use; serve a purposeなか society; the worldて go out (into)相当そうとうの worthy; qualifiedて gain; attainはたらいて apply oneself; work必竟ひっきょう after all; in shortやくざ wastrel; good-for-nothingあそんでいる be idle; be at leisure結論けつろんして conclude 人間にんげん person; man月給げっきゅう (monthly) salary; pay だまって remain silent えらい remarkable; distinguishedくち opening; positionさがして seek out; findくださる do (something) for oneたのんで ask; requestらん try (doing) 仕方しかたがない be of no use; come to nothing手紙てがみ letterしな put out; send 生返事なまへんじ half-hearted reply; reluctant acquiescenceせきった rose from one's seat