Kokoro (My Parents and I - Part 04b) Section 080 Study Guide

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Rough translation

Unlike during my home time the previous winter, Father this time was uninterested in shōgi. The shōgi board had been set aside in a corner of the alcove, and it remained there gathering dust. Especially since the Emperor's illness, Father seemed lost in his own thoughts. Each day he waited on the newspaper, and each day he read it first off. When done, he would seek me out, paper still in hand.

"Take a look. There's lots again on His Highness."

Father always referred to the Emperor as His Highness.

"It may be presumptuous of me, but I believe His Highness and I are suffering from the same thing."

As he spoke, a dark shadow of concern clouded his features. I felt anxious myself at his words, wondering when he might next be forced off his feet.

"He'll be alright, though. If a common man like myself can manage ..."

Even as he sought to reassure himself, his words fell heavy with an imminent sense of foreboding.

"Father really fears for his health," I told my mother. "He doesn't share your confidence in ten or twenty more years."

Mother seemed at a loss.

"See if he'll play shōgi with you."

I pulled the shōgi board from the alcove and dusted it off.


ちち fatherまえ earlier; beforeふゆ winterかえってた came back; returnedとき time; occasion将棋しょうぎ shōgi (board game)したがらなくなった was less interested in playing将棋盤しょうぎばん shōgi boardたまった collected; gathered; accumulatedとこ alcoveすみ corner片寄かたよせられてあった had been pushed aside; had been set aside陛下へいか His Majesty (the Emperor)病気びょうき sickness; illness以後いご since ...じっと fixedly; intentlyかんがんで ponder; broodえた appeared; seemed (to do)毎日まいにち each day; every day新聞しんぶん newspaperる come; arriveけて wait on; await自分じぶん oneself一番いちばん first; foremostさき ahead; in advanceんだ readよみがら read-and-done-with (newspaper)わたくし I; meところ placeってて carry in; bring らん take a look今日きょう today天子てんしさま His Highnessこと matter; affairくわしく in detailて appear 勿体もったいない presumptuous; overreachingはなし talkとうさん fatherた similar; same kind of かお face; (facial) expressionふかい deep掛念けねん anxiety; concern (usually 懸念けねん)くもり darkness; shadowむね breast; bosomたおれる collapse; fall illわからない don't know; can't say心配しんぱい worry; angst 大丈夫だいじょうぶ all right; okay; fineくだらない common; good-for-nothing; trivial 達者たっしゃ good health; wellness保証ほしょう assuranceあたえながら bestowing; impartingいまにも at any momentおのれ oneselfちかかってそうな seemingly about to befall one危険きけん peril; hazard予感よかんして sense; feel coming 本当ほんとうに truly; in factこわがって fear; dreadかあさん mother十年じゅうねん ten years二十年にじゅうねん twenty yearsきる live intention はは mother言葉ことば wordsいて listen to当惑とうわくそうな at a loss; nonplussed すすめてごらんな try offering; try suggesting りおろして took out (from)いた wiped off