I am a Cat (Chapter 10 b) Section 350 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana














「艶書を送った? 誰に?」















Rough translation

"It wasn't my idea. It was Hamada. 'Let me use it. You have to let me use it,' he said. He kept pressuring me ..."

"By 'Hamada,' you mean Hamada Heisuke?"


"You lent Hamada money for room and board or what not?"

"No, no. Nothing like that."

"Then what was it you let him use?"

"My name."

"And what was it Hamada did with your name?"

"Put it on a love letter."

"Put it on what?"

"I offered to serve as currier. Anything other than lending my name."

"This isn't making much sense, is it? Who exactly did what?"

"We wrote a love letter."

"You wrote a love letter? To whom?"

"That's where it gets awkward."

"Okay, so you sent off a love letter to some certain young lady?"

"I didn't send it."

"Then Hamada sent it?"

"It wasn't Hamada either."

"Then who sent it?"

"No one, really."

"You're making no sense. Was it sent or not?"

"At any rate, my name's on it."

"Okay, your name's on it. But I've no idea who did what. Can you not order your story in some logical fashion? For starters, who received said letter?"

"Kaneda. The young lady in that lane cross the way."

"The daughter of the industrialist?"


"Now then, what do you mean when you say your name's on it?"


こと act; actionかんがえ thought; intention浜田はまだ Hamada (name)せ lend; let useう say; state; insist 平助へいすけ Heisuke (name) 下宿料げしゅくりょう board-and-room money なに no, no; not at all 名前なまえ name きみの yourりて borrow; make use of 艶書えんしょ love letterおくった sent して stop; cease; desist (with)投函役とうかんやく dispatcher; currier なんだか somehow; in some sense要領ようりょうん don't grasp; can't comprehend (= 要領ようりょうない)一体いったい after all; in the endだれ who はなしにくい painful to divulge おんな woman; lady ぼく I; me  name 条理じょうりてて in logical fashion元来がんらい for starters; to begin withけた received当人とうにん person in question 金田かねだ Kaneda (name)むこう横丁よこちょう yonder alleyway; side street cross the way 実業家じつぎょうか businessman; industrialist; entrepreneur