I am a Cat (Chapter 10 b) Section 343 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"Well a fifth wheel's just as good as the other four. And what would you know about enrolling in insurance?"

"In the coming month I intend to enroll."

"For real?"


"You shouldn't rush into insurance and such. Think what else that money you'll spend on premiums could buy. Wouldn't you agree, Auntie?" Yukie's aunt can barely suppress a grin. The master turns serious.

"You're only carefree 'cause you think you'll live forever. Contemplate mortality for a moment, and you'll soon enough grasp the need for insurance. Come next month, I'm signing up."

"No point in my trying to dissuade you then. In fact, considering the things you spend money on, like buying me that umbrella the other day, insurance may well be the wiser bet. I tried to tell you I didn't need an umbrella, but you insisted nonetheless."

"You really didn't want it?"

"No, not at all."

"Then hand it back. Tonko's been wanting one. I can give it to her. Did you bring it with you?"

"I can't believe you. How awful! Buying me an umbrella then asking to have it back."

"I only asked for it back after you said you didn't want it. How is that so awful?"

"I may not want it, but asking for it back is downright awful."


無用むよう長物ちょうぶつ useless object; deadwood; fifth wheelこと thing保険ほけん insurance這入はいってもいない not be enrolled; not be signed upくせに though ...; given that ...; in spite of ... 来月らいげつ next month 懸金かけきん installments; paymentsなにか something or other; this and thatった buy; purchaseほうがいい should ...叔母おばさん aunt (used here as form of address)にやにやわらって grin; smirk主人しゅじん master真面目まじめ serious; earnest まえ youひゃく a hundred二百にひゃく two hundredきる live; be alive intention呑気のんきな carefree; easygoingう sayもうすこし a little more; a bit more理性りせい reasoning; sensibility発達はったつして let develop; let growろ try ...必要ひつよう necessity; needかんずる feel; perceiveいたる arrive (at)当前あたりまえ reasonable; natural; proper 仕方しかたがない can't be helped蝙蝠傘こうもり umbrella (lit: "bat" umbrella - from bat wing-like black color and edge shape)くださる do (something) for (me)御金おかね moneyかもれない it may be that ...無理むりに by compulsion; not taking no for an answer しかない don't want; have no need for かえす give back; returnとん Tonko (name)まわして pass on (to)今日きょう todayってた brought along ひどい terrible; awful; heartless