I am a Cat (Chapter 10 b) Section 338 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"She attends your same school?"

"No, she just came to hear the Women's Society lecture. I have to confess, she really is stylish. I was impressed despite myself."

"But they say she's also a stunning beauty."

"Her looks are nothing special. Not so attractive as she'd like to think. Any plain Jane, under that much makeup, is bound to look good."

"Then you yourself, with similar adornment, would be Kaneda two times over when it comes to beauty."

"Forget that. It's not for me, and I want no part of it. Her makeup is way over-the-top. However much money one might have --"

"She may overdo it with the makeup, but wouldn't you love to have that kind of money?"

"Having money would be fine -- but honestly, that girl, if anyone, could take a lesson from Foolish Také. All she does is put on airs. Just the other day, she was boasting how some so-and-so poet dedicated his collection of new-style poems to her."

"That would be Tōfū."

"No!? Tōfū did that? I wouldn't have thought him so fanciful."

"He was utterly sincere. He believed it only proper to make such dedication."

"It's fellows like him who fan the flames. -- By the way, guess what else happened. The other day, someone sent her a love letter."

"Scandalous! Who was it?"

"She doesn't know who it was."

"There was no name on it?"


ひと person; individual雪江ゆきえ Yukie (name)学校がっこう schoolく go (to); attend 婦人会ふじんかい Women's Society (gathering)傍聴ぼうちょう attendance (in order to hear something)た came本当ほんとうに really; truly; indeedハイカラ stylish; smart; fashionableおどろいちまう be surprised; be impressed 大変たいへん very much; a great deal器量きりょう facial appearance; looks; featuresう say なみ common; ordinary; average御自慢ごじまん pride; boast御化粧おけしょう makeup; cosmeticsえる appear 金田かねだ Kaneda (name)ばい two times over; doubleうつくしくなる become beautiful よくってよ let it pass; forget thatらないわ (I) want no part (of it)かた person; individualまったく utterly; entirelyつくりぎる make oneself up excessivelyなんぼ however much御金おかね money ほう alternative (of two choices) すこし a bit; to some degree馬鹿ばかたけ Foolish Také (name)ほうがいい should ...無暗むやみに excessively; immoderately威張いばる put on airs; show offこのあいだ the other day詩人しじん poet新体詩しんたいししゅう collection of new-style poetryささげた dedicated; devoted吹聴ふいちょうして brag; boast 東風とうふう Tōfū (name) 物数奇ものずき fancifulness; whimsy 真面目まじめ serious; earnest; sincere自分じぶん oneselfこと act; action当前あたりまえ reasonable; natural; properおもってる think; believe 面白おもしろい interesting; intriguing此間こないだ the other day; recentlyとこ place; house; residence艶書えんしょ love letterおくった sent だれ who 名前なまえ name