I am a Cat (Chapter 10 a) Section 335 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"Which Royal Highness? Well whichever Royal Highness, this braggart's posing did the Highness no favors."

"Without doubt."

"The Royal Highness garb too was a bust, so the braggart, having exhausted himself of ideas, gave up and slunk away in defeat."

"Taking his just deserts."

"In part at least - a labor camp was his better just deserts. -- But anyway, the townsfolk were still in a bind. They gathered again and talked again, but no one came forward to champion the task. They'd reached the end of their rope."

"Is that the end?"

"Not quite. As one final effort, they hired all the cartment and rogues they could find to parade around the Jizō and stir up a ruckus. Hoping to pester it so that it had to leave, they banged and clattered day and night in shifts."

"A noble effort for sure."

"Even at that, to no effect at all. The Jizō prevailed in its obstinance."

"What did they do then?" Tonko eagerly asks.

"At that point, after days and days of fruitless clamor, they decided enough was enough, but the cartmen and rogues, happy to bang and clang for their daily stipends, kept on and on."

"Yukie, what's a stipend?" Sunko asks.

"A stipend means pay. Money."

"What did they buy with money they got?"


殿下でんかさま His Royal Highness不敬ふけい impiety; irreverence かない have no effect; fall flat法螺ほらき boaster; braggart; bigmouthわたし I; me手際てぎわ skills; crafts地蔵じぞう Jizō (bodhisattva who watches over travelers)こと出来できません cannot ...降参こうさん surrender; submission; capitulation いい気味きみ serves (him) right 懲役ちょうえき penal servitude; imprisonment with hard labor町内ちょうない neighborhood; town大層たいそう greatly; terriblyんで worry; fret相談そうだん consultation; discussionひらいた established; sponsored; heldだれも (no) oneける accept; take onよわった were troubled; were at a loss 一番いちばんしまいに last of all; finally車屋くるまや cartmenゴロツキ rogues; thugs大勢おおぜい great numbers; multitudeやとって employee; hire地蔵じぞうさま Jizō-sama (bodhisattva who watches over travelers)まわり surroundings; vicinityさわいで make a raquet; clamorいたたまれない unable to stay where one isって say; state; scheme夜昼よるひる day and night交替こうたいで in turns 御苦労様ごくろうさま noble effort わない pay no attention; take no noticeほう side; one's part随分ずいぶん very much; a great deal強情ごうじょう obstinate; stubborn; headstrong とん Tonko (name)熱心ねっしんに eagerly; in earnestく ask; enquire 毎日まいにち毎日まいにち day after day; day in and day outげんえない have no effect; bear no fruit大分だいぶ considerably; greatlyいやになってた grew weary with; tired of車夫しゃふ rickshaw pullers; rickshaw men幾日いくんち a number of days日当にっとう daily stipend; daily wagesよろこんで happily; with pleasure 雪江ゆきえ Yukie (name)すん Sunko (name)質問しつもんをする ask a question 御金おかね money; payment なん what