I am a Cat (Chapter 8 b) Section 270 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"You won't be cured overnight. Give the medicine time to work. You're better now than you were before."

"You really think so?"

"Are you still prone to fits of temper?"

"I am. Even in my dreams, I'm always raging."

"Physical activity might help. Have you tried it?"

"That only sets my blood to boiling all the faster."

Dr. Amaki realizes he's getting nowhere.

"Let's have a look at you." With that, he begins his examination. The master, unable to wait for him to finish, interjects a question.

"Doctor, the other day, in a book I was reading, there was a bit on hypnotism. The author claimed it's been used to treat kleptomaniacs, and that it can also cure various maladies. Any truth to that?"

"There is. It's a recognized form of therapy."

"Is it still practiced?"

"It is."

"How hard is it to hypnotize someone?"

"Not hard at all. I've done it myself a number of times."

"You know how to do it?"

"Sure. Shall we give it a go? It's a perfectly rationale procedure. Works on anyone. If you're open to trying, I'll hypnotize you."

"I am interested. Let's try it. I've wondered for a while what it's like. Only one concern, though. Are you sure I'll come back to myself?"

"No need to worry. Let's give it a go, shall we?"


きゅうには suddenly; at one timeなおりません does not improve; does not get betterきます work; function; take effectいま now; the present大分だいぶ very much; a great deal 肝癪かんしゃく fits of temper; bouts of irritabilityおこります come about; occur ゆめに in one's dreams 運動うんどう exercise; physical activityすこし a little; a bit; in some measure 甘木あまき先生せんせい Dr. Amaki (the master's physician)あきれかえった was dumbfounded; was flabbergasted; was exasperatedえて appear; seem (to be) ひとつ (just) once拝見はいけんしましょうか shall I take a look診察しんさつ medical examinationはじめる begin; commenceおわる finish; concludeちかねた couldn't wait for主人しゅじん master突然とつぜん suddenly; abruptly; out of the blueおおきな big; loud (voice)こえ voiceして put forth 催眠術さいみんじゅつ hypnotismほん bookんだら read応用おうようして apply; use手癖てくせのわるい kleptomania病気びょうき maladies; ailmentsなおす cure; correctこと出来できる is able to ...; can ...いてあった was written本当ほんとう truth; reality; factく ask; enquire そうう such kind of療法りょうほう therapy; treatment わけはありません easy; simpleわたし I; meけます apply だれでも anyoneかからなければならん has to fall under理窟りくつ logic; reasonければ if in agreement 面白おもしろい of interest; intriguingください please ...おもった was thinkingめない not wake up; not return to one's sensesこまる be at a loss; be in a bad spot 大丈夫だいじょうぶ fine; safe; without worry