I am a Cat (Chapter 8 b) Section 267 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana






「裏の書生? 裏に書生がいるのかい」











Rough translation

"Ha ha ha. Well I'm not suggesting to laugh uncontrollably. But laugh modestly -- in good measure -- a litle laughter cleanses the soul."

Suzuki, all the while, is scrutinizing the master's mood. Just then, the front gate opens with a rattle. One imagines it might be a caller, but such is not the case.

"Our ball's in the yard. May we please go get it?"

"Help yourselves," the maidservant calls back from the kitchen. The students make their way round back. Suzuki, a curious look on his face, asks the master what's up.

"The students from out back. Their ball's landed in the yard."

"Students from out back? There are students out back?"

"Rakuunkan. That's the name of their school."

"I see. A school, huh? Must be noisy at times."

"Noisy or whatever, the real problem is lack of scholarship. If I were Minister of Education, I'd shut that place down in a flash."

"Ha ha ha. They seem to have stoked your ire. Is it something they've done?"

"Not something, everything. Dawn to dusk they're a constant pain."

"If they bother you so, why not just move?"

"Why should I have to move? How dare you even suggest it?"

"Don't take it out on me. They're just youngsters. Let them enjoy their youth."

"Easy for you to say. Just yesterday, in fact, I summoned their instructor and gave him a piece of my mind."

"Well done. I assume he was duly chastened."

"He was."


もなく uncontainably; uncontrollablyわらわなくって not laughすこし a little; a bit適宜てきぎに fittingly; with discretion心持こころもち feeling; disposition; mood 鈴木すずき Suzuki (name)くん (suffix of familiarity for males)主人しゅじん master動静どうせい state; condition研究けんきゅうして study; observe; scrutinizeおもて front side (of a building)もん gate; gateway; entrance客来きゃくらい arrival of a callerおもう think; suppose; imagine ボール ball這入はいりました came into; enteredらして let pick up; let retrieveください please ... 下女げじょ maidservant台所だいどころ kitchenこたえる answer; reply書生しょせい students裏手うらて back side; out backまわる go round; circle round (to)みょうな odd; strangeかお face; (facial) expressionなんだい what's thatく ask; enquire うら back side; in backにわ garden; yardんだ threw 落雲館らくうんかん Rakuunkan (name of a private middle school)う called ...学校がっこう school 随分ずいぶん very much; a great deal騒々そうぞうしい noisy; loud; raucous 碌々ろくろく (not) properly; (not) sufficiently勉強べんきょう studies出来できやしない are not carried out; are not performedぼく I; me文部もんぶ大臣だいじん Minister of Education早速さっそく promptly; without delay閉鎖へいさ closure; shutdownめいじて order; direct 大分だいぶ very much; a great dealおこった be angry; be upsetなにか somethingしゃくさわる touch a nerve; rile oneこと affairs; mattersる happen; occur あさ morningばん evening; nightしゃくさわつづけ constant aggravation せば move; move away だれ who失敬しっけい千万せんばん most disrespectful; the height of impertinence 仕方しかたがない is of no use; serves no purpose小供こども child (usually 子供こども)うっちゃって disregard; let be きみ you昨日きのう yesterday教師きょうし teacher; instructorびつけて summon; call談判だんぱんしてやった did some talking to 面白おもしろかった well done; satisfactoryおそったろう was duly chastened