I am a Cat (Chapter 8 b) Section 266 Study Guide

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Rough translation

Suzuki, true to form, is in high spirits. Making no reference to the Kanedas on this particular occassion, he confines himself to routine small talk, which he advances with great relish.

"You don't look so well. Is anything wrong?"

"Nothing worth noting."

"But you seem pale. Best to take care, the season being what it is. Are you sleeping well?"

"Well enough."

"Worries weighing you down? I'm happy to help in any way I can. I'll you have to do is ask."

"What kind of worries would I have?"

"I don't know, just in case. I thought it best to offer my services. Worries, more than anything else, will grind a body down. Best to walk through this world with laughter as your guide. you strike me as far too melancholy."

"Laughter, too, can be toxic. In excess, it can even be deadly."

"You're pulling my leg. Fortune calls, they say, at the house where laughter dwells."

"In ancient Greece, there was a philosopher named Chrysippus. I don't suppose you've heard of him."

"Can't say I have. What of him?"

"He died in a fit of laughter."

"Really? What a curious thing. That was long ago though ..."

"Long ago or present day, is anything really changed? He saw a donkey eating figs from a silver bowl. It struck him as funny and started him laughing. Once set to laughing, he couldn't control it. In the end, he laughed himself to death."


鈴木すずき Suzuki (name)くん (suffix of familiarity for males)調子ちょうしのいい in fine spirits; in good formおとこ man; fellow今日きょう today; this day金田かねだ Kaneda (name)こと about; concerningおくびにもさない say nothing of; make no mention ofあたさわりのない innocuous; run-of-the mill世間話せけんばなし small talk; chat面白おもしろそうに enthusiastically; with relish きみ youすこし a little; a bit顔色かおいろ countenance; complexionわるい not good; poor べつに especially; in particularなんとも (no)thing; in (no) way あおい pale用心ようじん care; caution時候じこう time of the year; season安眠あんみん sound sleep; restful slumber出来できる can do; can realize なにか something心配しんぱい worries; concerns; caresぼく I; me遠慮えんりょなく without heistationたまえ please say; please ask 一番いちばん foremost; most of allどく harmful; unhealthyなか the world; societyわらって with a smile; with a laughくらす live (one's life); pass (one's days)とく to one's advantage; best陰気いんきぎる too melancholy; lacking cheer 無暗むやみに knowing no limitsぬ die; perish 冗談じょうだんっちゃいけない you're pulling my legわらかどにはふくきたる fortune calls where laughter dwells; laugh and grow fat むかし long-ago; ancient times希臘ギリシャ Greeceクリシッパス Chrysippus (Greek Stoic philosopher; c. 279–c. 206 BC)哲学者てつがくしゃ philosopherるまい probably haven't heard of 不思議ふしぎ strange; curious; puzzling いま now; the presentかわり change; difference驢馬ろば donkeyぎん silverどんぶり porcelain bowl無花果いちじゅく figsう eatて see; viewわらに death by laughter