I am a Cat (Chapter 8 b) Section 260 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"Insolent scoundrels!"

"We'll be more careful going forward. Just this one time, please, excuse the incursion."

"A group of fellows, from who knows where, clamber over my fence and steal onto my grounds. This isn't something to dismiss lightly."

"I can assure you we're Rakuunkan students."

"If that's the case, what year are you?"

"Third year."

"Is that so?"

"It is."

The master looks back toward the house and calls out for assistance. The maidservant Osan, who hails from Saitama, slides open the fusuma and pokes her head out in response.

"Go get someone from Rakuunkan."

"Get whom?"

"Anyone. Just go."


The maidservant answers but doesn't move. Puzzled by the scene before her, unsure of the errand, and suspecting the whole affair is asinine, she wavers in place and fails to suppress a grin. As the master sees it, he's waging all-out war. He's wielding his rage in grand fashion. In spite of all this, his loyal servant, who of course should have his back, not only fails to grasp the gravity of the situation, but wavers and grins when enlisted to help. He flies off the handle.

"I don't care who, just get someone! Got it? The school principal will do, the chief administrator will do, the head instructor will do, ..."

"The school principal ..." Of the titles reeled off by the master, only the school principal resonates with the maidservant.


しからん scandalous; shamefulやつ fellows 以後いご hereafter; from now on注意ちゅういします take care; exercise caution今度こんど this timeゆるして forgive; pardon; excuseください please ... 何者なにもの what sorts of personsかき fence; hedgeえて cross over邸内ていない (within the) grounds; premises闖入ちんにゅうする intrude; encroach (on)容易たやすく easily; lightlyおもう think; believe; figure 落雲館らくうんかん Rakuunkan (name of a private middle school)生徒せいと students; pupilsちがいない without doubt 何年生なんねんせい what year (in school) 三年生さんねんせい third-year student 主人しゅじん masterおく interiorほう directionかえりみながら turning toう call out 埼玉さいたま Saitama (Prefecture)うまれ born in; hailing from御三おさん Osan (the maidservant)ふすま fusuma (sliding screen)かおす poke one's head out; look out って go (to)だれか someoneれてこい bring (someone) back れてまいります bring (someone) back 下女げじょ maidservantこたえた answered; replied庭前ていぜん garden光景こうけい scene; sightみょうな odd; curious; strange使つかい errand; taskおもむき meaning; tenor判然はんぜんしない is unclear事件じけん incident; affair; altercation発展はってん development; progression馬鹿馬鹿ばかばかしい asinine; imbecile; foolishちもせず without getting to one's feetすわりもせず without remaining seatedにやにやわらって grin大戦争だいせんそう all-out war逆上的ぎゃくじょうてき hot-headed敏腕びんわん capability; competenceおおいに very much; greatlyふるって flail; swing; wieldしかるところ such being the case自分じぶんの one's own使つかいたる acting in the capacity of a servant当然とうぜん naturally; as a matter of courseかたつ side with (someone); have (someone's) back真面目まじめな serious; earnest態度たいど manner; demeanor; bearingこと things; mattersのぞまん not face; not confrontよう business; task; errandいつける tell; order; directきながら while listening to; while hearing逆上ぎゃくじょうせざるをない have to lose one's cool; have to fly off the handle かまわん not matterんでい go and call; go summon校長こうちょう (school) principal幹事かんじ chief administrator教頭きょうとう head instructor 言葉ことば word; term; expressionしからない know only ...