I am a Cat (Chapter 5 b) Section 156 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"If you insist."

"At any rate, it's not bacteria. Tell me, though, what's the English word for bald?"

"Bald in English is 'bald.'"

"No, that's not it. Isn't there some longer expression?"

"I'm sure the master would know."

"He won't tell me. That's why I'm asking you."

"The only word I know is 'bald.' What's this longer expression?"

"It's 'Otanchin Palaeologus.' 'Otanchin' must mean bald, and 'Palaeologus' must mean head."

"That could be. The master has Webster's in his study. I can check it for you. Speaking of the master, he's quite the eccentric, couped up inside on a fine day like today -- He's not doing his digestive system any favors. See if you can get him out to Ueno. The trees are in blossom."

"You take him out. He's not about to listen to a woman."

"Is he still getting into the jam?"

"Much as ever."

"He was letting loose the other day. Said you were giving him grief over his jam habit, even though he didn't think he was eating that much. He's convinced you're overestimating his consumption. No doubt you and the girls are sampling it too --"

"Come now, Tatara-san. You can't really think that."

"I don't know. You look like the jam-eating type."


おくさん wife; lady of the house (used here as form of address)意地張いじばりたい be intent on insisting; want to hold one's ground なんでも anyhow; at any rateバクテリヤ bacteria英語えいご English (language)禿はげ bald spot; baldingこと about; concerningう say ボールド bald ながい long; lengthy name; descriptor 先生せんせい teacher; professor; scholarいたら ask; question おしえて tell; teach; informくださらない not do (something) for me わたし I; meりません don't know; am not aware ofどげんですか in what manner オタンチン・パレオロガス twit; bird-brain (play on オタンチン and Constantine Palaeologus) word; expressionあたま head いまに right away; without delay書斎しょさい study; den; reading roomって go (to)ウェブスター Webster (Webster's Dictionary)いて look up (in a dictionary)調しらべて investigate; checkげましょう do (something for someone)かわっていなさいます eccentric; peculiar天気てんき weatherい fair; fine胃病いびょう stomach ailment; digestive disorderなおりません get no better; not improve上野うえの Ueno (place name)花見はなみ blossom viewing出掛でかけなさる go outすすめなさい (please) suggest; recommend; encourage して take outおんな women; a womanけっして by (no) meansひと person; man このごろ these days; latelyジャム jamめなさる taste; partake of 相変あいかわらず as ever; as always こぼして grumble; air one's grievancesさい wifeおれ I; meかた manner of consumption (eating)はげしい extreme; overboard; too muchこまる be troubled; be bothered; take issue withなにか somehow; in some way勘定違かんじょうちがいい miscalculation; mistaken accounting御嬢おじょうさん daughters; young ladiesちがいない no doubt ... 多々良たたら Tatara (name) かお face; (facial) expression