I am a Cat (Chapter 4 b) Section 125 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"I'm afraid I'm far too busy for literary pursuits. And it never was my cup of tea to begin with."

"Tell me, do you know the shape of Charlemagne's nose?"

"Ah ha ha ha ha. You're at it again. Can't say that I do."

"The Duke of Wellington was nicknamed Nosey by his subordinates. Did you know that?"

"What's this fixation with noses? Does it really matter whether one's nose is round or pointed?"

"It matters indeed. Are you familiar with Pascal?"

"Yet another question? It's as though I've stumbled into an exam hall. What of Pascal?"

"There's something Pascal once said."

"Which is?"

"Had Cleopatra's nose been a bit flatter, the world we know today would be markedly different."

"I see."

"Take note then. A nose is nothing to make light of."

"Point taken. I'll pay it due respect. That aside, I've come here today on a minor errand -- that former student of yours, Mizushima -- um, Mizushima, um, I can't recall his given name -- he's over here often, is he not?"


"Yes, yes. Kangetsu, Kangetsu."

"Might this concern his betrothal?"

"Something, more or less, of that sort. At the Kaneda's today ..."

"The nose herself already came calling."


ぼく I; meいそがしい busy; occupied; hurried文学ぶんがく literature; writings到底とうてい utterly; absolutely駄目だめ undoable; out of the question以前いぜん before; prior数奇すき favored; of interest (= き)ほう tendency; leaning きみ youシャーレマン Charlemagne (uniter and ruler of Western Europe; 742-814)はな nose恰好かっこう shape; formってる know of; be familiar with 随分ずいぶん very much; a great deal気楽きらく happy-go-lucky; easygoing エルリントン Wellington (Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington; 1769-1852)部下ぶかのもの subordinates; underlings鼻々はなはな Nosey異名いみょう nickname こと about ...; concerning ...にして be occupied with; be fixated onいじゃないか what does it matterまるくて is roundedんがってて is pointed けっして (not) by any meansパスカル Pascal (Blaise Pascal; French mathematician and theologian; 1623-1662) 試験しけん test; exam; quizけにた came to take (a test) っている said クレオパトラ Cleopatra (Egyptian ruler; 69-30 BC)すこし a little; a bitみじかかった was shorter; was lower; was flatter世界せかい the world表面ひょうめん surface; exterior (appearance)大変化だいへんか great change; major transformationきたしたろう would have produced; would have brought about 無雑作むぞうさに casually; offhandedly馬鹿ばかにして dismiss; make light of 大事だいじにする take good care of; treat with due respect今日きょう todayた came; called用事ようじ matter of businessもと formerly; going backおしえた taught; instructed水島みずしま Mizushima (name)おもせない can't recallところ place始終しじゅう often; all the time; frequentlyる come; call 寒月かんげつ Kangetsu (name) ひと person; individualきたい want to ask; would like to enquire 結婚けっこん marriage事件じけん matter; affair 多少たしょう more or less; somewhat類似るいじ resemble; relate to金田かねだ Kaneda; Kaneda's placeったら went (to); called (at) このあいだ the other day自分じぶんで by oneself; in person