Botchan (Chapter 2) Section 016 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana


Rough translation

As the principal was continuing on, the bugle sounded, and a sudden commotion arose from the classrooms. He told me the instructors should be assembled by now, so I followed him into the staff room. It was a large rectangular room, and the staff were seated at their desks around the perimeter. When I entered, they all turned to look at me as if on cue, like some curiosity paraded out for their amusement. As instructed, I made the rounds and presented my letter of appointment as I greeted each instructor. Most of them simply stood up and bowed in return, but a few went so far as to receive the letter from me, give it a perfunctory inspection, and reverently hand it back. It was like something out of a minstrel show. By the time I reached the physical education instructor, the last of fifteen, I was feeling miffed at having to repeat this routine. Each of them greeted me just once, but I had to replicate my performance fifteen times. I wished they'd consider this from my point of view.


うちに while (doing something)喇叭らっぱ bugleった sounded教場きょうじょう classroomほう directionきゅうに suddenly教員きょういん instructors控所ひかえじょ loungeそろいましたろう (should be) gatheredう say; tell校長こうちょう principalいて followingひろい spacious細長ほそながい rectangular部屋へや room周囲しゅうい perimeterつくえ desksならべて be in a rowこしをかけている were seatedて see; noticeもうあわせた agreed in advanceかお face見世物みせもの spectacle; exhibitionもうけられた told; instructedどおり as; according to一人一人ひとりびとり each personまえ frontって go; move辞令じれい letter of appointmentして present挨拶あいさつ greeting; salutation大概たいがい for the most part椅子いす chairはなれて get up from (lit: separated from)こしをかがめる bowねんった meticulousした held outって received一応いちおう once拝見はいけん viewing; inspectionうやうやしく politely返却へんきゃくした returned宮芝居みやしばい minstrel show真似まね imitation十五人目じゅごにんめ fifteenth person体操たいそう physical education教師きょうし instructorまわって make a roundた cameとき whenおなじ the sameこと act; fact何返なんべんも a number of times少々しょうしょう a bit; a littleじれったく impatient; annoyedむこう they; the other parties一度いちど one timeむ be done (with); suffice所作しょさ performance十五返じゅうごへん fifteen timesかえして repeatすこし a little了見りょうけん thoughts; viewpointさっして perceive; be sensitive to