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Rough translation

"Can I peel an orange for you?" She produced the fruit from a jumble of green leaves.

Sanshirō let the fragrant nectar soothe his parched throat.

"Good, aren't they. They're really from Mineko."


Yoshiko drew a handkerchief from her sleeve pocket and wiped her hands.

"Tell me, what became of the talk of your marriage?"

"Nothing further."

"I hear that Mineko received a proposal too."

"Yes, it's settled already."

"Who's the other party?"

"The same party who proposed to me. Funny how things turn out. It's a friend of Mineko's older brother. I'll be moving again soon, back to live with my brother. I can't impose after Mineko's gone."

"You won't marry?"

"I will, when the opportunity presents itself." She left it at that and smiled amicably. It was clear there was no current suitor.

Sanshirō remained in bed for four more days. On the fifth day, he cautiously went to the bath. Looking in the mirror, he saw the face of the dead. He set out resolutely for the barber. The following day was a Sunday.


蜜柑みかん mandarin orange; mandarine おんな young ladyあおい green leavesあいだ midst果物くだもの fruitした took out; producedかわいた thirsty; parchedひと person fragrance; aromaほとばしる well up; gush outあまつゆ nectarしたたかに a great dealんだ drank; swallowed 美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)見舞みやげ gift; present (usually お土産みやげ) たもと sleeve pocketしろい whiteハンケチ handkerchief hands 野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (Yoshiko's family name)御縁談ごえんだん marriage proposal くち opening; opportunity (for) わたし I; meった said; offeredあにいさん older brotherともだち friendちかいうち soon; before longいえ houseちます have; hold; keepって go; leave厄介やっかい trouble; burden (to someone else) よめ bride きたい go (to)ところ place; household てて say in conclusion; end with心持こころもちよく in good spiritsわらった smiled; laughed 三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name) day四日よっか four daysとこはなれなかった didn't leave (his) bed五日目いつかめ fifth dayこわごわながら gingerly; with caution bathかがみ mirrorた saw; looked at亡者もうじゃ the deadそう appearance; countenanceおもって resolutely床屋とこや barbershop日曜にちよう Sunday