Practice text with full furigana







「美禰子さんの事を? どこで?」


「学校で? いつ」












Rough translation

Sanshirō's speech gradually grew fragmented. Yojirō stuck with him for conversation's sake until he finally dozed off. An hour later he opened his eyes and looked at Yojirō. "You're here?"

Sanshirō seemed to have regained his senses. Asked how he was feeling, he simply replied that his head felt heavy.

"Must be a cold."

"Must be a cold."

Each said the same thing. After a bit, Sanshirō posed a question. "You asked me the other day if I'd heard about Mineko, didn't you?"

"About Mineko? Where?"

"At school."

"At school? When?"

Yojirō still seemed unable to remember. Sanshirō, having no other recourse, explained the details of before and after the moment.

"That does sound familiar now," Yojirō conceded.

Sanshirō thought Yojirō highly irresponsible. Yojirō, feeling bad for Sanshirō, struggled to remember. Finally, he spoke. "Ah, that must have been it then. It must have been about Mineko being married off."

"It's decided?"

"So I heard, but I'm not entirely sure."

"To Nonomiya?"

"No, not to Nonomiya."

"Then ..." Sanshirō stopped short.

"You know who it is?"

"I don't know," he asserted.

At this point, Yojirō leaned forward a bit. "I don't really understand it all. It's a curious set of circumstances. It may be some time yet till everything sorts itself out."


三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)言葉ことば words; speechみじかくなる become shorter与次郎よじろう Yojirō (name)あしらって handle; deal withて sleep一時間いちじかん one hour eyesて look at きみ you (used here as form of address)う asked今度こんど this time平生へいぜいの usual; ordinary気分きぶん feelingく askあたま headおもい heavy; languidこたえた answered 風邪かぜ a cold 両方りょうほう both sides; both partiesおなこと the same thing 美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)ってる know aboutたずねた asked; inquired 学校がっこう school おもせない cannot recall様子ようす look; appearance前後ぜんご before and after当時とうじ the time in questionくわしく in detail説明せつめいした explained 無責任むせきにん irresponsibilityおもった considered; regarded (as)すこし a little; a bitどくになって feeling bad for (someone)かんがそうとした tried to remember よめく become a bride; be married off to (another household)はなし talk (of) 野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)ところ place; household った declared; assertedまえ forwardして lean; bend oneself (forward) 不思議ふしぎな strange; curious見当けんとうがつかない won't know; can't make sense of it all