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Rough translation

Sanshirō couldn't stand it any longer. "I just wanted to see you," he suddenly confessed. He glanced sideways at her. She didn't look at him. He heard in that moment a faint sigh escape her lips.

"That money ..."

"At any rate ..."

They each left a half sentence dangling in the air. They walked for a bit with no further words.

"What did you think of Haraguchi's painting?" Mineko finally engaged him with a question.

There were myriad ways he could answer. Sanshirō walked for a spell without responding.

"Weren't you surprised at the pace of the work? At how much is done already?"

"Yes," he said. He hadn't really noticed this till now. When he thought about it, it was less than a month since Haraguchi had called at Professor Hirota's and spoken of his intention to paint Mineko. And it was some time later, at the exhibition, that Haraguchi had engaged Mineko directly. Not knowing much about painting, Sanshirō had no sense of how long a work of that size should take, but now that Mineko had brought it to his attention, it did seem almost too fast.

"When did you start?"

"We started in earnest just a while ago, but we began earlier, working a bit at a time."

"How much earlier?"

"My outfit gives that away."


三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)えられなくなった could no longer endure; could no longer bear (it)きゅうに suddenly いたい want to seeった wentって say; confess; divulgeよこ (to) the sideおんな woman; young ladyかお faceなかった didn't look atとき time; momentみみ earsくち mouthためいき sighこえた could be heard; was audible かね money 二人ふたり two (people)会話かいわ conversation双方そうほう both sides; both parties意味いみ meaning途中とちゅう part way; in the middleれた broke off; ended小半町こはんちょう about half a chō (about 50 meters; about 60 yards)た came; advanced今度こんど this timeはなしかけた spoke; addressed (another person in conversation) 原口はらぐち Haraguchi painting御覧ごらんになって see; take a look atどうおおもいなすって what did you think こたかた manner of response返事へんじ answer; replyすこし a little; a bitあるいた walked できかた degree of completion; rate of progressはやい fast; quickおどろきなさりゃしなくって weren't you surprised がついた took notice (of)かんがえる think about; consider広田ひろた先生せんせい Professor Hirotaところ place; residence美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)肖像しょうぞう portrait意志いし intentionいっげつ one month展覧会てんらんかい exhibition直接ちょくせつに directly依頼いらいして asked; requestedみちくらい know nothing of ...おおきな largeがく picture速度そくど speed; pace仕上しあげられる be finished; be completed想像そうぞう imagination; estimation注意ちゅういされて have brought to one's attention りかかった began; set about (doing) 本当ほんとうに really; in earnestいて draw 服装なり outfit; attire