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Rough translation

"You look a bit pale."

"Do I?"

They walked on in silence for five or six paces. Sanshirō wanted to tear away the thin barrier that seemed to hold them apart. His judgment failed him, however, when it came to choosing the right words. Words of indulgence, like those from a novel, were out of the question. They didn't suite his taste, and they weren't befitting of a young pair acquainted just socially. In all honesty, Sanshirō was wishing for the impossible. And he didn't stop at wishing. As they walked, he was racking his brain.

"Did you have some business with Haraguchi today?" Mineko spoke first.

"No, nothing of any importance."

"Then it was just a social call."

"No, it wasn't a social call."

"Oh. What was it then?"

Sanshirō seized the moment. "I went to see you." Sanshirō felt that, with this, he had said all there was to say.

Mineko was utterly unperturbed. Further, she responded back in her usual beguiling tone. "I couldn't accept the money there."

Sanshirō was beside himself. They walked for a while in silence. Then he suddenly spoke. "The truth is, it wasn't about the money."

Mineko didn't answer for a moment. Then she said quietly, "I don't care about the money either. You keep it."


いろ colorすこし a little; a bitわるい not good; poor 二人ふたり two (people)六歩ろっぽ five or six steps無言むごんで without speaking; in silenceあるいた walked三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)うすい thin; lightまく curtainやぶりたくなった wanted to tear away分別ふんべつ judgment; discernmentなかった was not forthcoming小説しょうせつ novelあまい sweet; indulgent言葉ことば words使つかいたくない didn't want to use趣味しゅみ taste; preference社交しゃこう social interactionじょう with respect toわかい young男女なんにょ man and woman習慣しゅうかん custom; cultural practice事実上じじつじょう in reality; in all honesty不可能ふかのうの impossibleこと matters; thingsのぞんで desire; wish for工夫くふうして devise; think out (a way to do something) おんな woman; young ladyくちをききだした spoke; broke the silence なにか something原口はらぐち Haraguchi (name)御用ごよう business; affairs 用事ようじ business; affairs あそびに to visit; to call on った went 瞬間しゅんかん instant; momentとらえた seized; grasped いに to see; to meet える be able to say; be possible to say刺激しげきかんじない show no reaction; be unmovedおとこ man; fellowわせる charm; enchant調子ちょうし tone; manner かね money 六間ろっけん 5 or 6 ken (about 10 meters; about 12 yards)た came; advanced突然とつぜん abruptlyくちひらいた spoke 本当ほんとう truth; actualityかえしに to return; to pay back 美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)返事へんじ answer; responseしずかに quietly; softly わたし I; meって have; keep