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Rough translation

Yojirō found him again.

"Did you get your lecture last night?"

"It was hardly worth calling a lecture."

"I'm not surprised. Nonomiya's a sensible man." With that he was off to somewhere.

Two hours later they met again in class. "The Hirota initiative's going well," Yojirō reported.

Sanshirō asked how far it had progressed.

"There's no need to worry. I'll fill you in when we have more time. The professor was asking after you. It's been a while since you've been over. You should go more often. He's a bachelor, so we have to look after him. Buy something and take it to him." With that he disappeared.

He appeared again next hour. For whatever reason, he suddenly wrote "Money received?" in telegram-like fashion on a blank piece of paper and passed it Sanshirō in the middle of lecture. Sanshirō thought to write a reply, but when he looked toward the instructor, the instructor was looking right at him. He wadded the note and dropped it at his feet. He waited until lecture was over.

"I got the money. I have it with me."

"That's good to hear. You're planning to repay her?"

"Of course."

"Good. Then go right away."

"I'm going today."

"She should be home by late afternoon."

"She goes out?"

"She's been going each day to be painted. They must be just about done by now."

"Haraguchi's place?"


Sanshirō got directions from Yojirō.


与次郎よじろう Yojirō (name)はなしかけた addressed; engaged (in conversation) 談義だんぎ lectureいた listened to; heard 野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)理由わけのわかった sensible; reasonableひと personって say; remarkって go (to)二時間後にじかんご two hours later講義こうぎ lectureとき time出会であった came across; encountered 広田ひろた先生せんせい Professor Hirota大丈夫だいじょうぶ alright; okayこと matters; affairsはこんだ proceeded; progressed 心配しんぱいしないでもいい there's no need to worryきみ youない not come (over); not visit時々ときどき sometimes; from time to time一人ひとりもの unmarried man; bachelor我々われわれ we; usなぐさめて comfort; console今度こんど next timeなにか somethingってい buy (and bring with)えて disappearつぎの nextあらわれた appearedおもった thought最中さいちゅう middle of突然とつぜん suddenly かね moneyったり received電報でんぽう telegram白紙しらかみ blank sheet (of paper)いて writeした put forth; presented三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)返事へんじ reply; response教師きょうし instructorほう directionる lookまるめて ball upあし feetした beneathおわる end; be concludedって wait for かえす return; repay 昼過ひるすぎ afternoon 毎日まいにち毎日まいにち (each and) every day painting 原口はらぐち Haraguchi (name)ところ place 宿所しゅくしょ address (of one's lodgings)