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Rough translation

"We have to have our talk," her brother cautioned her.

"No we don't," she pushed back.

"Yes we do."

"No we don't. There's nothing to say."

Nonomiya looked at his sister in silence. She continued. "What's there to talk about? You want my opinion on someone I don't even know, someone I neither like nor dislike. There's nothing to say."

Sanshirō could see her point. He left them to their talk and hastily stepped outside.

He walked back up the deserted lane, dark save the glow of door lamps. Stepping out of the lane, he was met by a stiff wind. After turning north, he fought against gusts to return to his lodgings. He imagined Nonomiya, in this same wind, walking his sister back to Mineko's place.

Sanshirō climbed the stairs and entered his second-floor room. Inside, he could still hear the roar of the wind. Each time it roared, the word "fate" came to mind. When it roared loudly, he wanted to shrink and hide. He knew he was neither bold nor courageous. When he thought about it, his fate in Tōkyō had largely been shaped by Yojirō. And to some extent he'd been trifled with, albeit in a good-natured way. Yojirō was a lovable mischief-maker. Hereafter, too, this lovable mischief-maker would shape his fate. The wind outside continued to roar, with a force that bested even Yojirō.


はなし talk; discussionあに older brother注意ちゅういした cautioned いもうと younger sister拒絶きょぜつした refused らない don't know; have no opinion かお faceて look atだまって remain silentった said; continued ひと personところ placeく go (to)いた askき like (for something) 三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)本意ほんい true feelings; meaning behind ...会得えとくした understood; grasped兄妹きょうだい (older) brother and (younger) sisterいそいで hastilyおもてた went out (front); made one's exit ひととおらない quiet; deserted軒燈けんとう door lampあきらかな clear; visible路地ろじ alleyway; laneけて cut throughかぜ windく blowきた northなおる turn towardあたる hit; strikeときって periodically; at intervals自分じぶんの one's own下宿げしゅく lodgingsほう directionかんがえた consideredなか middle; midst野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)おくって see off; escort里見さとみ Satomi (Mineko's family name)れて take; lead (a person) 二階にかい second floorあがって ascend; climb up (to)部屋へや roomおと sound運命うんめい fate; destiny wordおもす call to mindって sound; resonateすくみたくなる want to shrink; want to cowerつよい strong; toughおとこ man; fellowおもって think; consider上京じょうきょう arrival in Tōkyō以来いらい since ...与次郎よじろう Yojirō (name)多少たしょう more or less; somewhat程度ていど extent和気わき靄然あいぜんたる congenial; amiable翻弄ほんろう trifling with; leading by the noseける receiveあいすべき lovable悪戯者いたずらもの mischief-maker向後こうご hereafterにぎられていそう look to be grasped (by); look to be subject (to)以上いじょう above and beyond