Sanshirō (Chapter 9) Section 174 Study Guide

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"You never know what will happen," Yojirō concluded.

Sanshirō found this all quite amusing, and nothing more than amusing. He looked up at the moon, high above, and laughed loudly. Repaid or not, he was feeling good.

"Don't laugh," Yojirō cautioned.

Sanshirō's mirth continued.

"Stop laughing and give it some thought. After all, wasn't it on my account, my failure to pay you back, that you borrowed from Mineko?"

"What of it?"

"Isn't that something in itself? -- You are in love with her, aren't you?"

Yojirō was a keen observer. Sanshirō grunted vaguely and looked back up at the moon. A white cloud was now skirting it.

"Have you paid her back?"

"Not yet."

"Don't. Keep the money."

Such carefree manner. Sanshirō didn't reply. He had no intention of keeping the money. In fact, after paying the twenty for his room and board, he'd thought to call again at the Satomi residence that very next day to return the extra ten. In consideration of the lender, though, he'd decided against too prompt a repayment. He'd held off, foregoing for now the chance for another visit. Then, on some impulse, he'd dropped his guard and indulged himself. The fee for this evening's party, in fact, had come from that ten yen. Not just his own, but Yojirō's too. At this point, two or three yen remained. He thought to buy himself a winter shirt.


こと situation; happening与次郎よじろう Yojirō (name)った added; concluded三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)意味いみ meaning; significanceたかい high; loftyつき moonあおいで look up atおおきなこえ loud voiceして put forthわらった laughedかね moneyかえされない not be paid back愉快ゆかい pleasant; agreeable 注意ちゅういした cautioned; advised かんがえて consider; think aboutきみ you美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)りる borrow おんな woman; young ladyあいしている be in love with っている know; be aware ofた looked atしろい whiteくも cloudた appeared のんな carefree; easygoingこたえなかった didn't answer intention必要ひつような necessary; needed二十円にじゅうえん twenty yen下宿げしゅく lodgingsはらって payのこりの remaining十円じゅうえん ten yenあくる next day; following day里見さとみ Satomi (Mineko's family name)いえ houseとどけよう deliverおもった thought (to do)いま now好意こうい good will; favorかんがなおして reconsider門内もんない within the gates; onto the premises機会きかい chance; opportunity犠牲ぎせいにして give up; foregoかえした withdrewとき time; occasionなんかの拍子ひょうしで for some reason; on some impulse今夜こんや this evening会費かいひ participants' fee自分じぶん oneself三円さんえん two or three yenふゆ winterおう buy; purchase