Sanshirō (Chapter 6) Section 129 Study Guide

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Rough translation

Sanshirō kept company with Mineko as myriad futures flashed before his mind's eye. His thoughts were unsettled, and he struggled greatly to maintain his outward composure. Much to his relief, Yoshiko returned. The two young ladies talked of returning to the competition. They decided, however, that with the short autumn day getting late, and with a growing chill in the outdoor air, they should head home.

Sanshirō thought to take his leave and return to his lodgings, but the three of them talked as they walked off, and no clear-cut point for disengagement arose. He felt that the two of them were sweeping him along. He also felt that he wanted to be swept along. Together, they skirted the pond, passed the library, and headed for the Red Gate, away from Sanshirō's lodgings.

Sanshirō turned to Yoshiko. "I hear that your brother is back to boarding."

"Yes, he's finally pawned me off on Mineko. Terrible, isn't it?" Yoshiko answered, looking for a little sympathy.

Before Sanshirō could comment, Mineko spoke up. "It's hard for us to understand a man like Nonomiya. His mind works at a higher level, engaged in ground-breaking ideas."

Mineko praised Nonomiya warmly. Yoshiko listened in silence.


三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)あたま head; mindうたがい doubt; uncertainty未来みらい futureえがきながら draw; depict美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)応対おうたいをして deal with; keep companyらない not be engaged; not find interest in外部がいぶの external; superficial態度たいど manner; behavior普通ふつう usual; always苦痛くつう pain; discomfortよし Yoshiko (Nonomiya's younger sister)かえってきて came back; returnedおんな同志どうしのあいだ among the young ladiesもういっぺん one more time競技きょうぎ competitionこう go and watch相談そうだん discussionみじかくなりかけた had grown shorterあき autumn dayまわった run its course; be pastひろい wide; open戸外こがい outdoors肌寒はださむ autumn chillしてくる increase; intensifyはなしがきまる settled; decided (upon) おんなれん the ladiesわかれて separate (from); take leave of下宿げしゅく lodgingsおもった thought to三人さんにん three (people)あるした set off walkingきわだった clear-cut挨拶あいさつ salutation機会きかい chance; opportunity二人ふたり two (people)自分じぶん oneselfって pull; drag alongいけ pondはた edge図書館としょかん libraryよこ side (of)方角ほうがくちがい wrong direction赤門あかもん Red Gateほう directionいて turn; head (toward) あにいさん (your) older brotherいたら asked ところ placeしつけて push; force (on)同意どうい sympathyもとめる seek; wish forった repliedなにか something返事へんじ answerくちひらいた spoke 宗八そうはち Sōhachi (Nonomiya's first name)我々われわれ we; usかんがえ reckoning; way of thinkingたかい elevated; loftyおおきな great; importantこと affairs; matters野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)だまって remain silent