Sanshirō (Chapter 6) Section 126 Study Guide

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They finally settled things. Sanshirō asked what it was all about. They explained that Yoshiko, since they were in the area, had wanted to stop and pay her respects to a nurse at the hospital. Mineko had also thought to call on a nurse she'd grown close to this past summer when a relative was hospitalized, but this was of lesser importance.

Yoshiko, in her candid and lighthearted manner, called out that she'd return shortly and descended the hill at a quick pace. There was no reason to stop her, and there was no necessity to follow, so the other two remained behind as a matter of course. Given the passive disposition of both, they were rather left behind than chose to remain.

Sanshirō sat back down on the boulder. Mineko remained standing. The autumn sun reflected off the muddy surface of the pond. In the middle of the water was a small island with two trees. Branches of green pine and faded maple intertwined artfully, just as in a manicured box garden. Beyond the island, where the water touched the far shore, dense foliage reflected darkly. From the hilltop, Mineko pointed to the dark shadows under the branches.

"Do you know that tree?" she asked.

"That's a chinquapin oak."

She laughed. "I see you remembered."

"The nurse from that day is the one you thought to call on?"


"Then she's not Yoshiko's nurse."

"No, she's the chinquapin oak nurse."

This time Sanshirō laughed.

"It was over there, wasn't it, where you stood with the nurse and held up your fan?"


かたづかない not be settled; not be decided三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)いて askよし Yoshiko (Nonomiya's younger sister)病院びょういん hospital看護婦かんごふ nurseれい greetings; respectsってくる go and ...う explained美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)なつ summer自分じぶん oneself親戚しんせき relative; relation入院にゅういんして be hospitalizedとき time; occasionちかづきになった became close withたずねれば visit; call on必要ひつよう necessity すなお frank; candidかるい lighthearted; easy goingおんな girlかえってます return; come backてて say in parting早足はやあし quick steps一人ひとり aloneおか hillりてった went down; descendedめる stop; call back事件じけん matter; affair二人ふたり two (people)あとにのこる remain behind消極しょうきょくな passive態度たいど disposition; nature いし boulderこしをかけた sat down (on)って standあき autumn sunかがみ mirrorにごった muddiedいけ pondうえ surfaceちた fell (on)なか middleちいさな smallしま island二本にほん two treesあおい greenまつ pine treeうすい pale; faded紅葉もみじ maple (leaves)えだ branchesかわしって cross; intersect (with each other)箱庭はこにわ box gardenおもむき appearance; aspectして move past; move beyondこうがわ far sideあたり end; stopこんもりと thickly; denselyどすぐろく darkly; duskilyひかって glisten; reflectくらい dark木陰こかげ shade of tree branchesゆびさした pointed to って know of; be familiar with しい chinquapin oak わらした laughed おぼえて remember いま now; at present ちがう different 団扇うちわ (round) fanって have; hold