Practice text with full furigana




「だれが? 広田ひろた先生せんせいがですか」













Rough translation

"Let them look, then. We're just two big lost children."

"That's why they'll be looking for us." Sanshirō reiterated his previous conclusion.

Mineko replied with even more indifference than before. "If one doesn't care to get involved, then what trouble could we be?"

"Who's that? You mean Professor Hirota?"

Mineko didn't answer.

"You mean Nonomiya-san?"

Mineko still didn't answer.

"Are you feeling better now? If you're better, then shall we head back?"

Mineko looked at Sanshirō. Sanshirō, who was getting up, sat back down on the grass. In that moment, Sanshirō realized that he was no match for this young lady. At the same time, he knew too that she could see right through him, and this knowledge cost him some degree of dignity.

"Lost children." She looked at him and repeated these words. Sanshirō didn't respond.

"Do you know the English translation for 'lost children'?"

The question caught Sanshirō by surprise, and he couldn't say whether he knew or not.

"Would you like me to tell you?"


"It's 'stray sheep' -- Do you know what I mean?"


大丈夫だいじょうぶ no problem; nothing to worry aboutおおきな big; overgrown迷子まいご lost children さがした looked for三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)前説ぜんせつ former opinion主張しゅちょうした emphasized; reiterated美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)ひややかな indifferent; unconcerned調子ちょうし tone; vein; manner 責任せきにん responsibilityひと person 広田ひろた先生せんせい Professor Hirota こたえなかった didn't reply 野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name) 気分きぶん feeling; moodかえりましょう return (home) た looked atげかけた in the process of raisingこし hipsくさ grassうえ surface; top ofとき time; momentおんな young ladyかなわない be no match for; be powerless against feeling同時どうじに at the same time自分じぶんの one's ownはら one's mind; one's inner workings見抜みぬかれた be seen through; be exposed自覚じかく (self-) awareness; insightともなう accompany一種いっしゅの a kind of; a type of屈辱くつじょく indignity; humiliationかんじた felt 一言ひとこと one word; single wordかえした repeated 英訳えいやく English translationって know いえぬ couldn't sayとい question予期よきしていなかった was not expecting; was caught off guard by おしえて tell (someone something) 迷える子ストレイ・シープ stray sheep