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Rough translation

In what had been a monotonous canopy, a number of new colors intruded. The transparent indigo background gradually faded from sight as white clouds assembled themselves leisurely in front. Then the assembled clouds melted and dispersed. After a while, the distinction between background and foreground was lost in a languid blur. A touch of yellow spread itself softly across the entire surface.

"The colors in the sky are muddied," Mineko remarked.

Sanshirō diverted his gaze from the stream and looked up. It wasn't the first time he'd seen such a sky, but it was the first time he'd heard the term 'muddied' used to describe it. When he thought about it, there was no better term to describe this coloration. Before he could offer a response, Mineko continued.

"A heavy feeling. It looks like marble."

Mineko narrowed her handsome eyelids and gazed into the heights. Then she quietly turned her gaze to Sanshirō, with her eyelids still narrowed, and asked, "It does look like marble, don't you think?"

Sanshirō couldn't help but agree. "Yes, it does look like marble."

Mineko remained silent. After a bit, Sanshirō spoke. "Under a sky like this, the heart feels heavy but the spirit feels light."

"How do you mean?" Mineko asked in response.

Sanshirō couldn't explain what he meant. Without answering, he added, "This sky looks like it's comfortably dreaming."

"Things seems to move, yet hold their ground." Mineko had directed her gaze back toward the distant sky.


単調たんちょうに monotonously; in a dull mannerんで be clear; be transparentいろ color幾通いくとおりも in any number of waysとおる transparentあいの indigo backgroundえる disappear; fade from view次第しだいに graduallyうすくなる be diluted; grow thinうえ top ofしろい whiteくも cloudsにぶく sluggishly; lazilyかさなりかかる accumulate; pile upけて dissolve; meltながす begin to disperseきて run out; be at its endはじまる start; beginものうい languid心持こころもち just a little; a touch ofな yellow一面いちめん the whole surface そら skyにごりました become muddied美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)った said; remarked 三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)ながれ flow; stream eyesはなして remove; divert (from)た looked模様もよう pattern; condition言葉ことば word; termいた heardとき time; occasionがついて take notice of; give some thought to形容けいようする describeなにか somethingこたえようとする try to answer; be about to answerおんな the young lady (Mineko) おもい heavy; solid大理石マーブル marble (stone) 二重ふたえまぶた contoured eyelidsほそく narrowたかい highところ placesしずかに quietlyほう directionけた turned toward だまった fell silent今度こんど this time した below; beneathこころ heart; soul spiritかるくなる becomes light かえした asked in response 返事へんじ answer; reply 安心あんしんして relax; be at easeゆめ dream うごく move; be in motionとおくの distant