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Rough translation

As they moved on, the crowd grew thicker. After a bit, they came across a lost child. It was a young girl of seven or so. She was crying as she ducked this way and that under people's sleeves, yelling all the while for her grandma. Everyone seemed moved by the sight. Some stopped in their tracks. Some spoke words of pity. However, no one intervened. The child drew attention and sympathy from all sides as she cried and searched for her grandma. It was a curious situation.

"Another case of choosing the wrong place?" Nonomiya asked as he looked back after the child.

"An officer is certain to help her, so no one wants to get involved." Professor Hirota explained.

"If she approached me I'd take her to the police box," Yoshiko replied.

"Then go after her and take her," Nonomiya suggested.

"I don't want to go after her."

"Why not?"

"Why not? Because there are so many others. How is it my job?"

"See, no one want to get involved," the professor said.

"See, she's chosen the wrong place," Nonomiya said. The two of them shared a laugh.

A sea of black heads was milling around the police box at the top of the Dangozaka slope. An officer had taken charge of the lost child.

"No worry, she'll be fine now," Mineko turned back to Yoshiko.

"Glad to see it."


くにしたがって as (they) went onひと peopleおおくなる increased in number一人ひとり one (person)迷子まいご lost child出会であった met; encounteredななつ seven (years old)おんな girlきながら cryingそで sleevesした beneathみぎ right (side)ひだり left (side)う call; cry往来おうらい coming and goingこころ heart; soulうごかして move; touch (emotions)ちどまる come to a stopもの personsだれもをつけない no one took any action子供こども child注意ちゅうい attention同情どうじょう sympathyさがして search for不可思議ふかしぎの curious; peculiar現象げんしょう situation; happening 場所ばしょ place; locationわるい no good野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)くん (suffix of familiarity for males)かげ shape; form見送みおくりながら looking back atった remarked 巡査じゅんさ police officer始末しまつをつける take care of (a matter)責任せきにん responsibility広田ひろた先生せんせい Professor Hirota説明せつめいした explained れば come (to); approach交番こうばん police boxおくってやる see (someone) toよし Yoshiko (Nonomiya's younger sister) っかけてって go afterれてく take (someone somewhere)あに older brother注意ちゅういした advised; suggested わたし I; me おとこ men二人ふたり two (people)わらった laughed団子坂だんござか Dangozaka (place name)うえ top; high pointまえ front of黒山くろやま mountain of black (sea of black heads)わたった was entrusted to 安心あんしん relief; peace of mind大丈夫だいじょうぶ alright; okay美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)かえりみて turn back toward