Practice text with full furigana






Rough translation

The next day Sanshirō was up especially early. He smoked a cigarette as he looked down on the unfamiliar bedding in which he'd slept. The events of the prior evening felt like a dream. He went to the veranda and looked past the low-hanging eaves at the sky. The weather was fair, and the color of the sky told him all was now well in the world. After breakfast and tea, he brought a chair out onto the veranda to read the paper, and Nonomiya returned as promised.

"They say someone died on the tracks last night," he remarked. He'd heard the news at the station, or perhaps elsewhere on his way. Sanshirō told him everything of what he'd seen.

"Remarkable. One rarely ever sees such a thing. I wish I'd been here. They've probably cleared the remains. I don't suppose there's anything left to see."

"Probably not." Sanshirō gave a brief reply, but he was taken aback by Nonomiya's carefree manner. He finally attributed this indifference to hearing the news in the light of day. He failed to recognize the disposition of a man who measured light beam pressures, a disposition that would manifest itself in this situation just as in any other. Sanshirō lacked the experience to perceive this.


三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)あくる the next dayれいになく unusually; contrary to habitはやく earlyきた woke up つけない not used to sleepingところ placeとこ bed煙草たばこ cigarette一本いっぽん one (cigarette)こと matter; affairゆめ dream椽側えんがわ verandaて go out (onto)ひくい lowひさし eavesそと outside (of)そら skyあおぐ look up at天気てんき weather世界せかい the worldいま now; the presentほがらか bright; cheerfulいろ colorめし breakfastまして finishちゃ teaんで drink椅子いす chairして take out (onto)新聞しんぶん newspaperんで read約束やくそくどおり as promised野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)くん (suffix of familiarity for males)かえってた came back; returned 昨夜さくや last night轢死れきし death on impact (by train or car)う said停車場ステーション stationなにか somethingいた heard自分じぶんの one's own経験けいけん experienceのこらず in full; holding nothing backはなした told; related めずらしい unusualめったにえない rarely encounteredいえ house; home死骸しがい body; remainsかたづけたろう probably disposed of; probably cleaned upって goられない can't see; won't be able to see 一口ひとくち one word; in shortこたえた answeredのんな easygoing; carefreeおどろいた be surprised; be taken aback無神経むしんけい indifference; callousnessよる nighttimeひる daytime差別さべつ distinctionこる arise (from); be brought about (by)断定だんていした concluded光線こうせん light beam圧力あつりょく pressure試験しけんする measure; testひと person性癖せいへき disposition; propensity場合ばあい circumstanceおなじ same態度たいど manner; behaviorあらわれて appear; become apparentがつかなかった didn't realizeとしわかい be young