Sanshirō (Chapter 1) Section 011 Study Guide

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Rough translation

On closer inspection, there was nothing much worth reading in the newspaper. After several minutes he'd flipped through its pages and was done. Folding it carefully and returning it to its original spot, he addressed the man with a subtle nod. The man nodded in return and asked him, "Are you a high school student?"

Sanshirō was glad that someone had noticed the missing insignia on his worn hat.

"Yes," he answered.

"From Tōkyō?" the man inquired further.

"No, Kumamoto. But ..." He started to explain, then fell silent. He wanted to tell how he was headed for the university, but he decided there was no need to, so he refrained. The man replied briefly to acknowledge Sanshirō's response and puffed at his cigarette. He didn't ask why a student from Kumamoto would be heading toward Tōkyō at this time of the year. He seemed to take no interest in students from Kumamoto.

At this point the man dozing in front of Sanshirō said, "Yes, I see." Even so, he was clearly still asleep. He was certainly not awake and talking to himself. The man with the mustache looked at Sanshirō and grinned.

Sanshirō took the opportunity to ask the man where he was going.

"Tōkyō," the man said slowly and stopped there. Maybe he wasn't a middle school teacher after all. However, since he was traveling in third class he was obviously not a man of any great importance. Sanshirō refrained from further dialog. The man with the mustache folded his arms and occasionally tapped on the floor with the front support of his wooden clog. He looked bored, but at the same time he seemed not to desire conversation.


新聞しんぶん newspaperる see; look atこと things; mattersいち one二分にふん two minutes通読つうどくして read through律義りちぎに with care; properlyたたんで fold場所ばしょ place; locationかえしながら returning (something)会釈えしゃく bow; gesture of recognitionこう the other partyかるく lightly挨拶あいさつ greeting; salutation きみ you高等学校こうとうがっこう high school (equivalent to modern-day college)生徒せいと studentいた asked; inquired 三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)古帽子ふるぼうし old hat; well-worn hat徽章きしょう emblem; insigniaあと traces; evidenceおとこ manうつった caught one's eyeかんじた felt こたえた answered 東京とうきょう Tōkyōかえした asked in returnとき time; moment 熊本くまもと Kumamoto (city in Kyūshū)った saidだまって be silent; keep quiet大学生だいがくせい university student必要ひつよう necessityおもって consider遠慮えんりょした refrained; held back相手あいて the other party煙草タバコ tobacco; cigaretteかして puff; smoke (tobacco)いまごろ at this timeく go (to)興味きょうみ interestまえ front ofて sleep; dozeひげ mustacheひと person; manわらった smiled; grinned機会しお opportunity; chance (= 機会きかい) 中学校ちゅうがっこう middle school先生せんせい teacher三等さんとう third classって ride; travelあきらか clear; evident談話だんわ talk; conversationげた stopped; cut short腕組うでぐみ folding one's arms時々ときどき occasionally下駄げた (wooden) clog前歯まえば front prop; front support拍子ひょうしって keep time (with)ゆか floorらしたり beat (drum); tap out (a sound)退屈たいくつ boredomはなしたがらない not want to talk