Sanshirō (Chapter 1) Section 006 Study Guide

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Rough translation

Sanshirō picked up the register and wrote "Fukuoka Prefecture, Miyako District, Masaki Village, Sanshirō Ogawa, student, 23." This was his correct information, but he had no idea what to write for the woman. He wished he'd waited for her at the bathing room. Now he was stuck here with the maid waiting on his entry. Seeing no alternative, he wrote arbitrarily "same prefecture, same district, same village, Hana Ogawa, 23," and returned the register to the maid. Then he picked up the fan to cool himself.

After a while the woman returned to the room. "Sorry for the intrusion." Sanshirō told her not to worry about it.

He took out a notebook from his bag and started his journal entry. He couldn't write, though he felt he had lots to write about. The woman's presence broke his concentration. Then the woman said, "I'll be back in a bit," and left the room. Now he really couldn't write. He was wondering where she had gone.

The maid arrived to prepare their bedding. She had brought only a single wide futon, so he told her they needed separate beds. She protested that the room was too small, and so was the mosquito netting. His appeals went nowhere, as she seemed unwilling to trouble herself on his behalf. Finally, she said that the desk clerk had stepped out for a bit, but she would talk to him when he returned. She stubbornly proceeded to spread the single futon under the mosquito netting and left.


三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)宿帳やどちょう inn registerげて picked up福岡県ふくおかけん Fukuoka Prefecture京都郡みやこぐん Miyako District真崎村まさきむら Masaki Village小川おがわ Ogawa (family name)二十三年にじゅうさんねん twenty three years (Sanshirō is twenty two by Western age accounting)学生がくせい student正直しょうじきに honestly; truthfullyいた wrote; recordedおんな woman; young ladyこまって be at a loss bath (lit: hot water)る come out (from)って waitおもった thought下女げじょ maidひかえて be in waiting同県どうけん same prefecture同郡どうぐん same district同村どうそん same village同姓どうせい same family nameはな Hana (name)でたらめ nonsenseわたした handed over; handed back団扇うちわ (round) fan使つかって use かえってた returned; came back失礼しつれいいたしました I beg your pardonって saidこたえた answered; responded かばん bagなか inside帳面ちょうめん notebookして took out日記にっき diary; journalこと things; mattersなにも (not) anythingおもわれた it seemed that ...部屋へや roomった went (to)かんがした began to wonder とこをのべにる came to prepare the beddingひろい wide蒲団ふとん futon; bedding一枚いちまい one pieceしかってない only brought ...ふたつ two (things)かなくてはいけない need to spread (futon; bedding)せまい small; confined蚊帳かや mosquito nettingらちがあかない went nowhere; made little progress番頭ばんとう desk clerkいて ask (about)頑固がんこに stubbornly; obstinately