Kokoro (Sensei and I - Part 18b) Section 036 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"That's what troubles me. I wish I had an answer, but I honestly just don't know. I've begged him so often to open himself to me, to share what he's feeling."

"What does he say?"

"He says it's just his nature. There's nothing to be said, and there's no need to worry. He won't confide in me."

I listened in silence. She stopped there. The maidservant, in her quarters, made not a sound. I'd forgotten the burglar completely.

"You don't think I'm to blame, do you?" she suddenly asked me.

"No," I answered.

"Tell me the truth. I couldn't bear you to think of me thus." She continued. "I like to believe that I'm doing all I can on Sensei's behalf."

"Rest assured, you are. I can attest that Sensei knows it."

She leveled the coals in the brazier and replenished the iron kettle. The kettle's singing was quickly quenched.

"I finally came to my wit's end and confronted him. I implored him to tell me my faults. I promised I'd try to do better. He told me it wasn't me, that the fault lay with him. I became despondent and burst into tears. More than ever, I wished for his rebuke."

Her eyes were moist with tears.


こまる be troubled; be concernedじつに really; in truthつらい hard; difficult; painfulわたくし I; meかんがえて consider; contemplateいま now; the present何遍なんべん how many timesあのひと that man; himけて speak one's mind; open one's heartください please ...たのんでた tried askingわかりゃしません don't know 先生せんせい Sensei (elder one; teacher - used here as form of address) こと things; matters心配しんぱいする worry; be concerned性質せいしつ nature; dispositionって engage with; talk to だまって remain silentおくさん Sensei's wife言葉ことば words途切とぎらした broke off; stopped; discontinued下女げじょ部屋べや maidservant's quartersことりともおとをさせなかった made not a sound泥棒どろぼう burglarわすれて forget 責任せきにん responsibilityおもって think突然とつぜん suddenly; abruptlyいた asked こたえた replied; answered かくさずに without concealing; candidly; openly body; fleshられる be cut みとめて acknowledge; recognize大丈夫だいじょうぶです not to worry安心あんしんなさい rest assured保証ほしょうします attest; swear (to) 火鉢ひばち hibachi; brazierはい ashesらした rake smooth; level (usually ならした)水注みずさし water vessel (usually 水注みずつぎ)鉄瓶てつびん iron kettleした pouredたちまち immediatelyり ringing; soundしずめた calmed; quieted 辛防しんぼうれなくなって no longer able to take it; unable to persevereわるい at fault; in the wrongところ point; aspect遠慮えんりょなく without reservation; freely; franklyあらためられる can make right; can improve欠点けってん flaw; weakness; shortcomingまえ youほう alternative (of two things)かなしくなって仕様しようがない become hopelessly despondentなみだて came to tears自分じぶん oneself  eyesうち in; withinめた amassed; accumulated