Kokoro (Sensei and I - Part 17b) Section 034 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"Tell me this then. How much do you love Sensei? This is something that you can answer better than Sensei, so I'm asking you."

"There's no need to ask so directly, is there?"

"You mean there's no need to seriously pose this question, because the answer is already self-evident?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Sensei has in you, then, a devoted companion. If he suddenly lost you, how do you think he would fare? How would this man, who takes no interest in the outside world, cope without you? I'm not asking how Sensei would see this, I'm asking how you see it. In your opinion, would Sensei be happy or unhappy?"

"I can tell you how I see it. (Sensei may or may not agree.) Sensei would be most unhappy without me. He might even lose his will to carry on. This may sound pretentious, but I believe I make Sensei as happy as is humanly possible. I'm convinced that no one else could make him as happy as I do. That's why we live so peaceably together."

"Sensei, I believe, cannot help but sense and cherish your conviction."

"That's another matter."

"You still fear that he doesn't find favor with you?"

"It's not so much that he doesn't find favor with me. There's no reason he shouldn't. However, he's turned his back on the world. Or rather, of late, he's lost all faith in humanity. If he's lost all faith in humanity, then how can he embrace me, his fellow human?"

I understood her meaning now. How she saw herself as cut loose by Sensei, the two of them drifting apart.


おくさん Sensei's wife (used here as form of address)先生せんせい Sensei (elder one; teacher - used here as form of address)あいして loveく askうかがって inquire質問しつもん question なにも (no)thingそんなこと such a thingひらなおって boldly; directly; in brazen mannerい good; fine 真面目まじめくさって in all earnestness; seriouslyがものはない there's no need to ...わかってる is obvious; is evident 忠実ちゅうじつな dedicated; devoted (to)きゅうに suddenlyなか the world; societyいて turn to; turn toward面白おもしろそうでない seems to take no interestあと afterて see; view (from)幸福こうふくになる be happy不幸ふこうになる be unhappy わかって knowおもって think; believeかもれません it may be that ...はなれれば if separated fromきていられない can't go on living己惚おのぼれ pretension; conceit (usually 己惚うぬぼれ)いま now; at present人間にんげん human beingしんじて believeひと person; individualおもんで be convinced of; be of the belief thatいて be quiet; be subdued; exist in harmony 信念しんねん faith; convictionこころ heart; soulく favorablyうつる be reflected 別問題べつもんだい separate topic; another matter きらわれて be disliked; be out of favor with わけ reason世間せけん the world; society近頃ちかごろでは recently; of late一人いちにん one personかれる be cherished; be loved 意味いみ meaningめた was understandable; was comprehensible