Kokoro (Sensei and I - Part 11b) Section 022 Study Guide

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Rough translation

As I talked with Sensei's wife, our discussion, in due course, fell first to Sensei and then to this very subject.

"Why is it that Sensei is so studious in his own home yet not engaged with the world outside?"

"Engagement is out of the question. He won't even think of it."

"Because he views it as futile?"

"I can't say how he views the world -- as a woman it's not my prerogative to know. However, I don't believe that's the case. I think he wants to engage. He wants to, but he can't. It's terribly unfortunate."

"But he seems quite capable. He's perfectly healthy, is he not?"

"His health is fine. There's nothing wrong with him."

"Then what could stop him from pursuing an occupation?"

"I'm afraid I can't answer. If I knew that much, then I wouldn't worry so. I'm in the dark, unable to ease his plight."

In her voice was great sympathy. Still, she managed to put on a faint smile. On the surface at least, I was the more intent one, brooding in silence. As if suddenly remembering, she spoke again.

"He wasn't always like this. He was a different man in his youth. He's changed completely."

"How long ago do you mean?"

"His student days."

"You knew Sensei in his student days?"

She blushed a bit.


わたくし I; meおくさん Sensei's wifeはなして talk; converse (with)あいだに while ...問題もんだい subject; topic自然しぜん naturally; in due course先生せんせい Sensei (elder one; teacher - used here as form of address)こと concerning ...ちてた fell to; landed on うち house; homeかんがえたり consider; contemplate; reflect on勉強べんきょうしたり study; researchなか society; the worldて go into; appear in仕事しごと occupation; employment ひと person; man駄目だめ hopeless; impossible; out of the questionきらい not to one's liking くだらない foolish; of no worthさとって perceive; sense (as) おんな womanわかりません don't know; can't tell意味いみ meaning; senseなにか somethingどく unfortunate; pitiable 健康けんこう health; physical conditionべつに particularlyわるい poor; inferior; out of sorts 丈夫じょうぶ healthy; strong; robustなんにも (no)thing持病じびょう chronic illness 活動かつどう endeavor; effort; engagement 心配しんぱい worry 語気ごき tone of voice; manner of speaking非常ひじょうに very much; exceedingly同情どうじょう sympathy; compassion口元くちもと mouth; lips微笑びしょう smile; hint of a smileえた appeared外側そとがわ outside; exteriorほう alternative (of two things)真面目まじめ serious; intentかお face; facial expressionだまっていた remained silentきゅうに suddenlyおもした remembered; recollectedくちひらいた spoke わかい youngとき time; periodちがっていました was differentまったく completely; utterlyかわってしまった changed いつごろ (about) whenいた asked 書生しょせい時代じだい student days って know; be acquainted with 薄赤うすあかい lightly flushed (red)