I am a Cat (Chapter 7 b) Section 234 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana











「Archaiomelesidonophrunicherata 字だ」





Rough translation

"A problem of this order is not so readily resolved." The master works a mouthful of the aforementioned fish. Without missing a beat, he takes on a pork and potato side dish as well. "Pork, I take it?" "Yes, that's pork." "Huh." Seemingly unimpressed, he swallows it down. "More saké." He holds out his cup.

"You're really putting it down tonight. You're already looking red."

"It's a night for drink. -- Say, do you know the world's longest word?"

"Sure, it's that Grand State Councilor Kampaku such-and-such, is it not?"

"That's a title. Do you know the longest word?"

"I take it that includes alphabetized languages?"


"I wouldn't know. -- That's enough saké, isn't it? Let me serve up your rice."

"One more drink first. Shall I tell you the longest word?"

"If you like. Then on to your rice."

"It's Archaiomelesidonophrunicherata."

"You made that up."

"I did not make it up. It's Greek."

"What does it mean? In Japanese."

"I'm not sure what it means, but I know how to spell it. Written out, it fills the page from margin to margin."


重要じゅうような weighty; critical; important問題もんだい problem; topicきゅうに quickly; readilyわからん not know; not determineれいの the aforementionedさかな fishむしゃむしゃ with munching sounds; ravenouslyう eat; wolf downとなり near to; next toぶた porkいも potatoにころばし root vegetables boiled in broth大軽蔑だいけいべつ great disdain; significant contempt調子ちょうし manner; veinんだ swallowedさけ sakéもう一杯いっぱい one more cupfulもう drinkさかずき saké cupす hold out; present 今夜こんや this evening; tonightあがる eat or drink (honorific)大分だいぶ very much; a great dealあかくなって turn red; redden (from drinking) 御前おまえ you世界せかい the world一番いちばん foremost; most of allながい long; lengthy wordってる know; be aware of さき before; earlier関白かんぱく太政だじょう大臣だいじん Grand State Councilor Kampaku 名前なまえ name; title 横文字よこもじ Western language (lit: horizontally-aligned characters) 御酒おさけ saké御飯ごはんになさい have some rice おしえてやろうか shall I tell you; would you like to know う called ...; named ...; is ... 出鱈目でたらめ nonsense; rubbish; made-up 希臘ギリシャ Greek (language) なん what日本語にほんご Japanese (language) 意味いみ meaningつづり spellingく write; write out六寸ろくすん三分さんぶ 6 sun and 3 bu; 6.3 sun (about 20 cm; about 8 inches)