I am a Cat (Chapter 5 a) Section 152 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"What else?"

"One box of yams."

"He even took the yams? Is he planning to stew them, or do you think he wants to grate them for soup?"

"How would I know? Why don't you pay him a visit and ask?"

"Their value?"

"I've no idea what yams cost."

"In that case, let's just say they're twelve yen and fifty sen."

"That's absurd. They may have come all the way from Karatsu, but they can't be worth twelve yen fifty."

"Didn't you say you have no idea what they cost?"

"I don't have any idea what they cost, but I do know that twelve yen fifty is excessive."

"If you've no idea, then how can you rule out twelve yen fifty? What kind of logic is that? That's why they call you Otanchin Palaeologus."

"What's that?"

"Otanchin Palaeologus."

"And what exactly is Otanchin Palaeologus supposed to mean?"

"Don't worry about it. Let's keep at this -- what about my clothes?"

"What about them? I want to know what Otanchin Palaeologus means."

"Never mind what it means."

"Would it kill you to tell me? Or are you just mocking me again, veiling derision in words I don't?"


やまいも Japanese yams一箱ひとはこ one box ってった made off with; tookて boil; stewう eatとろろじる grated yam soup りません don't know; couldn't say泥棒どろぼう thief; burglarいていらっしゃい go and ask 十二円じゅうにえん五十銭ごじゅっせん 12 yen and 50 sen (12.5 yen) 馬鹿馬鹿ばかばかしい absurd; ridiculous; out of the question唐津からつ Karatsu (place name)ってた went and dug up; went and harvested 御前おまえ youう say; state; assert 法外ほうがい outrageous; excessive なん what論理ろんり logicわん out of line; at odds (with)貴様きさま youオタンチン・パレオロガス twit; bird-brain (play on オタンチン and Constantine Palaeologus) おれ I; me着物きもの clothes一向いっこう (not) in the leastん not appear うござんす fine; sufficient; enough of意味いみ meaningかして頂戴ちょうだい tell me; explain to me に what; whatever おしえて teach; tell; informくだすって do (something) for meわたくし I; meひと a person英語えいご English (language)おもって think; suppose; imagine悪口わるくち bad-mouthing; speaking ill of