Botchan (Chapter 7) Section 069 Study Guide

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Rough translation

"You seem to know many things. How do you learn such details? I'm impressed."

"This is a small town. Everything is known."

It struck me that too much was known. At this rate she might even know about my tempura and dumplings. Bothersome place. But thanks to her I was now in the know about Madonna and the relationship between Yama Arashi and Red Shirt. This was valuable intelligence. However, it still wasn't clear to me which was the villain. I'm a simple man, so I need things in spelled out in black and white. Otherwise I can't know whom to trust.

"Of Red Shirt and Yama Arashi, which is the better man?"

"Who's Yama Arashi?"

"Yama Arashi means Hotta."

"Well Hotta is the stronger of the two, but Red Shirt, as a scholar, is more capable. When it comes to kindness, Red Shirt is the gentleman. But they say that the students like Hotta better."

"So which is the better man?"

"I suppose the one who earns more is the greater of the two."


こと facts; thingsってます know aboutくわしい detailedわかる know; understand感心かんしんしちまった impressed せまい confined; limitedなんでも anything わかぎて know too muchこまる be troubling; be disconcertingこの容子ようすじゃ at this rate天麩羅てんぷら tempura団子だんご dumplingsかもれない might be; could be厄介やっかいな meddlesome; bothersomeところ place蔭様かげさまで thanks to ...意味いみ meaning山嵐やまあらし Yama Arashi (nickname for Hotta, the head mathematics teacher)あかシャツ Red Shirt (nickname for the head teacher)関係かんけい relationshipおおいに greatly後学こうがく background information; future referenceもの villain判然はんぜんしない isn't clear単純たんじゅんな simple; uncomplicatedしろ whiteくろ blackかたづけて organize; classify味方みかた ally; friend ひと person なん what 堀田ほった Hotta (a.k.a. Yama Arashi) つよい strong; powerful学士がくし scholar; degree holderはたらきはある capable; resourcefulかた person (respectful)やさしい kind; gentleほう alternative生徒せいと students評判ひょうばん (general; public) opinion 月給げっきゅう salaryおおい much; many; greaterえらい eminent; illustrious