Botchan (Chapter 6) Section 062 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana



Rough translation

After a while Yama Arashi rose again. "Allow me to add something that I neglected to mention earlier. On the night in question, the night duty attendant left his post to bathe at the onsen. I consider this inexcusable. Having accepted caretaking responsibility for the school, to take advantage of the lack of oversight and slip out to bathe at the onsen, of all places, is utterly disgraceful. Setting the students aside, I suggest that the principal reprimand the person in question for this action."

An odd fellow. Just when I'm feeling exonerated, he immediately proceeds to divulge my own misdoing. Thinking nothing of it, and knowing firsthand of a precedent, I'd assumed such behavior was customary when I set out for the onsen. It was clear enough now that my action was inappropriate. There was no choice but to accept their censure. I stood up again. "It's true that I went to the onsen while on night duty. This was wrong. I apologize." As I sat back down, the room filled with laughter yet again. Every time I opened my mouth they found it amusing. What a vile lot. They would never attest to their own faults publicly, as I had, so they masked their infirmity with laughter.


山嵐やまあらし Yama Arashi (nickname for Hotta, the head mathematics teacher)起立きりつした stood upただいま just now失念しつねんして forget; let slip one's mindおとしました left unsaid; neglected to mentionもうします say; speak当夜とうや the night in question宿直員しゅくちょくいん the staff member on night duty宿直中しゅくちょくじゅう while on duty外出がいしゅつして go out温泉おんせん onsen (hot springs)かれた went (to)もってのほかの improper; inexcusableこと act; deedかんがえます consider; regard asいやしくも if; given that自分じぶん oneself一校いっこう the entire school留守番るすばん caretakingけながら while accepting a taskとがめる censure; reproachもの personさいわいに taking advantage of場所ばしょもあろうに of all places入湯にゅうよく bathingう (functions as quotative)おおきな big; major失体しったい blunder; disgrace (usually 失態しったい)生徒せいと studentsてん point校長こうちょう (school) principal責任者せきにんしゃ person responsible注意ちゅうい caution; warningあらんこと such that ... be done (archaic)希望きぼうします expect; hope for みょうな strangeやつ fellowおもったら thoughtひとの a person's失策しっさく failure; misstepあばいて disclose; divulgeなんもなく thinking nothing of itまえ previous; earlier宿直しゅくちょく night duty (attendant)あるいた went out; walked aboutって know; be aware of習慣しゅうかん custom; normal practiceるかった was in the wrong攻撃こうげき censure; criticism仕方しかたがない cannot be helped; is unavoidableって rose; stood upわたくし Iまさに in truthまったく completely; entirely着席ちゃくせきしたら sat down一同いちどう all presentわらした broke out laughingなにか somethingわらう laugh奴等やつら bunch (of fellows)貴様等きさまら you all (condescending)おおやけに openly; publicly断言だんげん affirmation; declaration出来できる be capable of