Botchan (Chapter 6) Section 053 Study Guide

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Rough translation

I was delayed at first hour and late getting back to the staff room. The other teachers were all talking at their desks, and Yama Arashi was among them. I had thought he was absent for the day, but it turned out he was just late. As soon as he saw me he said he'd been late on my account and I owed him for it. I picked up the two coins on my desk and said, "Here, take these." I placed the coins in front of him and told him they were for the ice water I'd had in Tōrichō the other day. He gave me a questioning look and began to laugh it off, but then saw that I was quite serious. He told me to dispense with the petty foolishness and swept the coins back onto my desk. In keeping with his character, he was not about to back down from treating me.

"I'm serious. We have no affinity that warrants you treating me to ice water, so I'm paying you back. On what grounds do you not accept?"

"If a paltry one sen and five rin is bothering you then I'll take it back, but why now after all this time?"

"Now or whenever, I'm returning it. I'm returning it because I don't want you treating me."

Yama Arashi looked at me coldly and replied with a grunt. If not for my promise to Red Shirt I'd have exposed his misdeeds then and there and laid into him. But I'd agreed to silence, so my hands were tied. How could be brush me off with a curt grunt when I was boiling red with anger?


授業じゅぎょう class都合つごう circumstances; reasons一時間目いちじかんめ first hourすこし a little; a bitおくれて ran late; went over (time)控所ひかえじょ staff roomかえったら returned教師きょうし instructorsつくえ deskひかえて waiting (at)はなし talk; conversation山嵐やまあらし Yama Arashi (nickname for Hotta, the head mathematics teacher)いつのにか before one realizes; unnoticedている had arrived欠勤けっきん absence (from work)おもったら thought遅刻ちこくした came lateかお faceる see; noticeいなや as soon as ...今日きょう todayきみ you (familiar)かげで thanks to ...罰金ばっきん (monetary) compensation; fineしたまえ please payった saidうえ top (of)一銭五厘いっせんごりん 1 sen and 5 rin (0.015 yen)して presented; took outって take先達せんだって the other day通町とおりちょう Tōrichō (place name - old)んだ drank氷水こおりみず ice waterだい charge; fee; costまえ front ofく set; placeなに whatわらいかけた began to laugh存外ぞんがい contrary to expectation真面目まじめ serious冗談じょうだん joke; foolishnessぜに moneyかえした swept backくせに as expected of; befittingおごる treat (someone to something) intention 本当ほんとう real; serious因縁いんえん affinity; connection (usually 因縁いんねん)ほう reason おもした remembered; recollected今時分いまじぶん at this timeかえす return (something) 時分じぶん time; moment 冷然れいぜんと coldly; icilyあかシャツ Red Shirt (nickname for the head teacher)依頼いらい request卑劣ひれつ baseness; meannessあばいて disclose; divulge大喧嘩おおげんか all-out quarrel口外こうがい disclosureった agreed; acquiescedうごきがとれない can't take actionひと a person真赤まっか deep red理窟りくつ reasoning; rationale