Practice text with full furigana



Rough translation

"Of course one must behave ethically, but adhering to one's own principles is not enough. If you can't recognize sinister behavior in others then you're likely to meet a bad end. There are some in this world who appear openhearted, appear candid, even appear kind in helping a newcomer settle into his lodgings, but vigilance must be maintained at all times ... It's become chilly. Autumn seems to be upon us. See how that haze hangs a sepia color over the beach. Hey, Yoshikawa! What do you think of that view toward the beach?" Red Shirt re-engaged Noda with a loud voice. Noda concurred that it was a remarkable view, and it was a pity to let it pass without time for a sketch.

There was a light in the second floor of the Minatoya inn. Just as the whistle of the steam train sounded, our boat dug its nose into the wet sand of the beach and came to a stop. The hostess from the inn stood on the beach and welcomed Red Shirt. I jumped with a shout from the side of the boat to the shore.


無論むろん of courseるい bad; evilこと acts; deedsい good; fine自分じぶん oneselfひと (other) peopleわからなくっちゃ not understanding; not recognizingひどいう meet a bad endなか the world磊落らいらくな openhearted; candidえて seem; appear淡泊たんぱくな candor; simplicity親切しんせつに in kindness; with consideration下宿げしゅく lodging世話せわ care; assistance油断ゆだん出来できない can't be too cautious; must maintain vigilance大分だいぶ a great deal; considerablyさむく cool; coldあき autumnはま beach; shoreほう directionもや haze; mistセピヤいろ sepia color景色けしき view; scenery吉川よしかわ Yoshikawa (name of the art teacher, a.k.a. Nodaiko)くん (suffix of familiarity for males)おおきな big; loud (voice)こえ voiceして speak out (voice)だ Noda (short for Nodaiko, nickname for Yoshikawa, the art teacher)んだ called; addressed奇絶きぜつ unusual; remarkable時間じかん time写生しゃせい sketch; drawingしい regrettable; a pityおおいにたたく agreed heartily 港屋みなとや Minatoya (name of an Inn)二階にかい second floorあかり lightひとつ one (thing)汽車きしゃ (steam) trainふえ whistleる blow (whistle); soundっていた was riding inふね boatいそ shoreすな sandへさき bow (boat; ship)つきんで thrust into; push ontoうごかなくなった stopped movingはようおかえり welcome backって standingあかシャツ Red Shirt (nickname for the head teacher)挨拶あいさつ greeting船端ふなばた side of a boat掛声かけごえ a shoutりた jumped (down) onto