Practice text with full furigana


Rough translation

Red Shirt laughed heartily, though I didn't recall having said anything humorous. Up to this day I've lived by my firmly held beliefs. But thinking about it, it seems that much of the world encourages and rewards shady behavior. It's widely accepted that honesty hinders success. When worldly people happen across a sincere and genuine man, they brand him a greenhorn or junior apprentice and treat him with disdain. If that's how it works, then our ethics instructors should stop telling primary and middle schoolers to tell the truth. Students should be openly instructed in the art of lying, the merits of distrust, and schemes of deceit. This would better serve both the students themselves and society as a whole. Red Shirt's laughter had been directed at my simplicity. A world where simplicity and honesty are objects of ridicule is a lost cause. Kiyo would never have laughed in this situation. She would have listened with great respect. Kiyo outclassed Red Shirt by a wide margin.


あかシャツ Red Shirt (nickname for the head teacher)わらった laughed別段べつだん (in) particularこと matter; factった saidおぼえ memory; impression今日こんにち this dayただいま now; at presentいたる arrive (at); come (to)かたく firmlyしんじて believeかんがえて think about; consider世間せけん the world大部分だいぶぶん large part; preponderance (of)ひと peopleこと act奨励しょうれいしている encourage; promoteおもう think社会しゃかい society成功せいこう success正直しょうじきな honest; sincere純粋じゅんすいな pure; genuineる seeっちゃん young master; greenhorn小僧こぞう apprentice; errand boy難癖なんくせをつけて find fault (with)軽蔑けいべつする disdain; treat with contempt小学校しょうがっこう elementary school中学校ちゅうがっこう middle schoolうそをつくな don't tell lies倫理りんり ethics先生せんせい teacherおしえない don't teachほう alternativeおもって firmly; decisively学校がっこう schoolほう methodじゅつ art; technique; skillひとせる take advantage of a personさく plan; scheme教授きょうじゅ teaching; instruction the world; society当人とうにん the person in question単純たんじゅんな simple; pure真率しんそつ honesty; franknessなか world仕様しようがない cannot be helped; is a lost causeきよ Kiyo (name of Botchan's former maidservant)とき time; situationけっして absolutely (not)おおいに greatly感心かんしんして with admirationいた listened上等じょうとう superior; first-rate