Practice text with full furigana


Rough translation

The principal listened to my explanation, and he also took a statement from the students. "I'll deal with this matter in due course. Until then you're to attend classes as usual. Hurry now to wash up and eat breakfast or you'll be late. Move!" With that he dismissed the entire lot of boarding students. What leniency. I would have expelled them one and all right then and there. This easy-going approach is what emboldens the students to play the night duty instructor for a fool. Next he turned to me and said that I must be upset and tired, and that I needn't teach for the day. "I'm not the least bit upset. Even if every night were like the last, as long as I live and breathe I will never let such matters upset me. I'm going to teach. If I were unable teach after just one sleepless night then I'd refund that part of my salary to the school." I'm not sure what the principal thought of this, but he looked at me intently for a minute and then cautioned that my face was terribly swollen. My face did in fact feel strangely heavy, and it itched all over. No doubt I'd been eaten alive by mosquitos. I rubbed my face over vigorously and informed him that my mouth worked fine in spite of my face, so there was no reason I couldn't teach. He smiled at me and praised my youthful energy. In truth, there seemed more ridicule in his tone than praise.


校長こうちょう (school) principalひととおり briefly; in general説明せつめい explanationいた listened to生徒せいと students言草いいぐさ one's statementって in due course; in a little while処分しょぶんする deal withいままでとおり as hitherto; as usual学校がっこう schoolろ attend; make one's appearanceはやく quicklyかお faceあらって wash朝飯あさめし breakfastわないと eat (negative provisional)時間じかんわない be lateって say寄宿生きしゅくせい boarding students放免ほうめんした released; discharged手温てぬるい lax; lenientこと act; action即席そくせきに on the spotことごとく one and all退校たいこう expulsion (from school)悠長ゆうちょうな easygoing; leisurely宿直員しゅくちょくいん instructor on night duty馬鹿ばかにする play for a foolそのうえ on top of thatむかって turning towardさぞ surely心配しんぱい troubled (over a matter); upsetつかれ tired; weary今日きょう today授業じゅぎょう classesおよばん it's not necessary to (do something)こたえた answered; responded毎晩まいばん every nightいのちのあるあいだ while one is still alive一晩ひとばん one nightなくって go without sleep出来できない cannot do頂戴ちょうだいした received月給げっきゅう salary学校がっこうほう to the school割戻わりもどします partially refundなん whatおもった thoughtかお faceつめて look intently at大分だいぶ considerablyはれています swollen注意ちゅういした cautionedなんだか somehow少々しょうしょう a bitおもたい heavy feeling; sensationべた一面いちめん all overかゆい itchy mosquitosした bit相違そういない no doubt顔中かおじゅう all over one's faceぼりぼりきながら scratching vigorouslyれた swollenくち mouthつかえません no reason one can't do (something)わらいながら smiling元気げんき energetic; having staminaめた complimented (someone)じつ the truthひやかした ridiculed