Practice text with full furigana



Rough translation

I started grilling the two I'd brought to my room, but no matter how much you beat or berate pigs, they're still pigs. These guys seemed determined to plead ignorance to the end and confessed to nothing. As the grilling continued, others came down one or two at a time and gathered in my room. All of them had tired eyes with swollen eyelids. What a shabby bunch. They show up with sorry faces after one sleepless night and call themselves men? I told them we'd continue after they washed their faces, but not one of them moved.

I had interrogated fifty or so students for almost an hour when Tanuki suddenly appeared. I learned later that the janitor went and notified him that there was a disturbance at the school. Only an extreme weakling would call for the principal over a such a trivial matter as this. That must be why he's working as a middle school janitor.


宿直部屋しゅくちょくべや night duty roomれてきた brought; ledやつ fellows詰問きつもん questioning; grillingはじめる begin to doぶた pigs; hogsって hitたたいて strikeらん I don't knowとおす continue with; stick to了見りょうけん thought; notionえて appear白状はくじょう confess; own up二階にかい second floorあつまって gatherる look atねむそう tired-lookingまぶたをはらしている have swollen eyelidsけちな mean; shabby奴等やつら folks一晩ひとばん one nightない lose sleepつら faceおとこ manわれる be calledあらって wash議論ぎろん debate; disputeだれも no oneかない go 五十人ごじゅうにん fifty (people)相手あいて adversaryやく about一時間いちじかん one hour押問答おしもんどう repeated questioning and answeringひょっくり suddenly; unexpectedlyたぬき Tanuki (nickname for the school principal)いたら asked; heard小使こづかい janitor学校がっこう the school騒動そうどう disturbance; troubleらせ notifyこれしき such a trifleこと matter校長こうちょう principalぶ call for意気地いくじがなさぎる weak-willed to the extreme中学校ちゅうがっこう middle school