Practice text with full furigana


Rough translation

These were mean-spirited folks. If one can't own up to what he's done, then he shouldn't have done it in the first place. Unless I produced absolute proof, these guys were dug in to shamelessly feign ignorance. I may have made some mischief in my own days, but I never once hesitated to come clean when questioned. I was always forthcoming about what I had and hadn't done. What's the point of mischief if one follows it by spewing lies to escape punishment? Mischief and punishment are mutually entwined. Punishment allows one to perform mischief with a clear conscience. Do these vulgar folks imagine it's acceptable to pull pranks and then excuse oneself from punishment? No doubt they'll borrow money when they're older and say 'sorry' when it's time to pay it back. What on earth are they here for? They come to school, tell lies, cheat, and lurk in the shadows plotting evil deeds. Then they graduate and proudly declare themselves 'educated,' when if fact they're nothing but ignorant commoners.


けちな mean-spirited; small-minded奴等やつら folks自分じぶん oneselfこと act; factえない can't say; won't admit証拠しょうこ proofがらなければ doesn't surface (provisional form)しらをる feign ignorance図太ずぶとく impudent; shamelessかまえて assume a posture (of defense)中学ちゅうがく middle school (short for 中学校)た was (in a place)時分じぶん time; periodすこし a bit; someかれた was askedとき time; when ...尻込しりごみをする hesitate; shrink from卑怯ひきょうな cowardly一度いちど one timeきまってる is a given; is certain潔白けっぱくな innocent; of integrityうそいて telling liesばつ punishmentげる avoid; escape (from)はじめから from the start; in the first place心持こころもちよく with a good feeling; with a clear conscience出来できる can do免蒙めんこうむる be excused from; beg one's way out of下劣げれつな sordid; vulgar根性こんじょう nature; dispositionどこのくにに where; in what land流行はやる be (widely) acceptedおもってる think; considerかね moneyりる borrowかえす return; pay backめん sorry; excuse me連中れんちゅう people卒業そつぎょうして graduate仕事しごと work; task相違そういない no doubt that ...全体ぜんたい after all; (why) in the worldなに what学校がっこう school胡魔化ごまかして cheat; swindleかげで in the shadowsこせこせ fidgety; restless生意気なまいきな smart-aleck; brazenわるいたずら devious mischiefおおきなつら big-headed; with a swagger教育きょういく educationけた received癇違かんちがい mistaken ideaはなせない ignorant; lacking good sense雑兵ぞうひょう commoners; rank and file