Botchan (Chapter 4) Section 030 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana


Rough translation

After the instructors and students had left, it seemed a shame to remain at the school with nothing to do. The night duty room was in the west end of the dormitory, which was behind the classrooms. I entered the room, but it was receiving full sun from the west and was stiflingly hot. In this country the heat lingered well into autumn. I ordered up the usual student's fare and finished dinner, which was astonishingly awful. Hard to believe they could subsist on this stuff and still stay so rambunctious. Even more extraordinary to think that they down it eagerly at half past four in the afternoon. I was done with dinner, but the sun was still up, and it was too early to retire. I wanted to go bathe at the onsen. I didn't know if it was permitted to leave the school while on night duty, but I couldn't bear to suffer here in idle confinement. On my first arrival at the school I had asked after the night duty instructor and learned from the janitor that he was out on an errand. This had struck me as odd at the time, but now that it was my turn here I saw things differently. Going out for a bit was the correct course of action. I informed the janitor that I was leaving, and he asked if I needed something. I told him no, I was just going out to bathe, and then promptly departed. I was sorry to have left my red towel at home, but I could borrow one at the onsen.


教師きょうし instructors生徒せいと studentsかえって return home一人ひとり alone; by oneselfぽかんと vacantly; blankly; like a fool随分ずいぶん very much; terriblyけた stupid; out of place宿直部屋しゅくちょくべや night duty room教場きょうじょう classrooms裏手うらて back side; behind寄宿舎きしゅくしゃ dormitory西にしはずれ west end一室いっしつ single room西日にしび setting sun (lit: western sun)まともに directlyけて receiveくるしくって excruciatingたたまれない cannot bear to stay田舎いなか the countryだけあって as expected ofあき autumn気長きながに persistently; in no hurry (to change)あつい hotまかない board (dormitory meals)りよせて send for晩飯ばんめし evening mealました finishedおそった be astonishedって eatあばれられた be unruly; run amuckいそいで hurriedly四時半よじはん 4:30片付かたづけて finish up豪傑ごうけつ heroic; extraordinaryちがいない without a doubtめし meal the sunれない set; go downる go to bedわけかない can't do ...温泉おんせん onsenきたく want to go宿直しゅくちょく night dutyそとる go outこと act; factるい bad (not allowed)つくねんと vacantly; idly重禁錮じゅうきんこ imprisonment (with hard labor); close confinement同様どうよう equivalent憂目うきめ misery; sufferingう meet with; experience我慢がまん出来できる tolerableはじめて the first time学校がっこう the schoolた came (to)当直とうちょく on dutyひと personいたら inquired用達ようたし errandた went out小使こづかい janitorこたえた answeredみょう odd; strangeおもった thought自分じぶん oneselfばん (one's) turnまわって come aroundおもあたる reconsiderる go outほう alternative; choiceただしい correct; rightなんか some (kind of)よう business出掛でかけた set out赤手拭あかてぬぐい red towel宿やど lodgingsわすれてた left behind残念ざんねん unfortunate今日きょう today先方せんぽう one's destinationりる borrow