Botchan (Chapter 3) Section 021 Study Guide

Practice text with full furigana


Rough translation

It was finally time for my teaching debut. Entering a classroom and for the first time stepping up onto the platform, I felt out of place. Even while lecturing, I wondered if I were really cut out for this. The students were a noisy bunch, and sometimes one would call out to me in a loud voice. I had often called out to the teachers in my physics school, but there was a world of difference between addressing a teacher and being addressed as a teacher. The bottoms of my feet began to feel itchy. I'm not a cowardly or timid man, but my nerves unfortunately are not so steady. Each time a student called out to me, I was reminded how one feels on an empty stomach when the noon gun suddenly sounds at Marunouchi. The students didn't hit me with any particularly difficult questions, and I somehow managed to fumble my way through that first hour. When I returned to the staff room Yama Arashi asked how it went. I responded simply that it went okay, and this seemed to put him at ease.


学校がっこう schoolた make one's appearanceはじめて for the first time教場きょうじょう classroomたかい highところ placeった stepped (up) ontoとき time; occurrenceなんだか somehowへん strange講釈こうしゃく lecture先生せんせい teacherつとまる be fit for (a job); function properlyおもった thought; wondered生徒せいと students時々ときどき sometimes図抜ずぬけた exceptionallyおおきな big; loud (voice)こえ voiceう call outこたえた responded; answeredいま the present; now物理ぶつり physics学校がっこう school毎日まいにち every dayびつけていた called out to (someone)雲泥うんでい a world of difference (lit: the difference between clouds and mud)あしうら bottoms of one's feetむずむずする feel itchy卑怯ひきょうな cowardly人間にんげん person臆病おくびょうな timidおとこ manしい unfortunateこと act; fact胆力たんりょく nerveけている lackingはらった stomach is empty; hungryとき timeまるうち Marunouchi (place name)午砲ごどん noon gunいた heardがする feel like最初さいしょの the first一時間いちじかん hourいい加減かげんに improvising; faking; fumbling through別段べつだん particularlyこまった troublesome質問しつもん questionsけられず without being posedんだ got through; finished控所ひかえじょ staff roomかえってたら when (I) came back山嵐やまあらし Yama Arashi (nickname for Hotta, the head mathematics teacher)単簡たんかんに simply; curtly返事へんじ answer安心あんしんした was reassured