Practice text with full furigana



Rough translation

Father was not at all fond of me. And Mother always favored my older brother. This older brother of mine had an eerie, pale white complexion. He enjoyed putting on feminine airs, and he looked very much like those theater actors who whiten their faces to play female roles on stage. Every time my father looked at me he would tell me how I'd never amount to anything. My mother worried that my hot-headedness would lead me into trouble. I guess it's no wonder that I didn't amount to much. I became nothing more than who I am today. I can understand why they were anxious about my future. It's a miracle that I'm not behind bars somewhere.

Several days before my mother died of illness I did a somersault in the kitchen and hurt my ribs on the corner of the stove. Mother was furious and said she couldn't stand to see my face, so I was sent to stay with relatives. Then we received notice of her death. I had never thought she could pass away so soon. If I'd known her illness was so serious I would have behaved myself better. As I returned home with this regret, that older brother of mine told me my disrespect toward Mother had hastened her passing. I couldn't bear this and slapped his face, for which I was scolded severely.


おやじ my father可愛かわいがって love; be affectionate towardはは Motherあに my older brother贔屓ひいき a favoriteいろしろくって be pale芝居しばい theater真似まね imitation女形おんながた female roleき like; be fond ofる look atたびに each time ...こいつ this guyろくな respectableった said乱暴らんぼう violent; hot-headedさき destination; end pointあんじられる be worried about; be anxious overらんとおり as you can see始末しまつ ending無理むりはない not unreasonable; warranted懲役ちょうえき imprisonmentかないで without goingきて live; be alive 病気びょうき illnessぬ die; pass away二三日にさんち two or three daysまえ before台所だいどころ kitchen宙返ちゅうがえり somersaultへっつい hearth; kitchen stoveかど corner肋骨あばらぼね ribsって hitおおいに in a big wayいたかった was painful大層たいそう a great dealおこって became angryまえ youかお face親類しんるい relativesとまり stay (overnight)とうとう finally; at last報知しらせ notice; notification (usual reading = ほうち)た came; arrivedはやく soonおもわなかった didn't expect大病たいびょう serious illnessもうすこし a little more大人おとなしく well-behavedかえってた returned homeれいの the aforementioned親不孝おやふこう disrespectful towards one's parentsおっかさん Mom口惜くやしかった was hard to takeよこつら side of the faceって slapped大変たいへん seriously; terriblyしかられた was scolded